The Warsangali Kingdom (Somali: Boqortooyada Warsangeli) was a Somali kingdom centered in northeastern and in some parts of southeastern Somalia. It was one of the largest kingdoms ever established in the territory, and, at the height of its power, included the Sanaag region and parts of the northeastern Bari region of the country. The Warsangali Kingdom was founded in the late 13th century in northern Somalia by a group of Somalis from the Warsangali branch of the Darod clan, and was ruled by the descendants of the Gerad Dhegdheer. In the late 19th century, the influential queen Araweello governed the Kingdom, assuming control during some of its most turbulent years. In 1884, the United Kingdom established the protectorate of British Somaliland through various treaties with the northern Somali kingdoms, including the Warsangali Kingdom.

List of Warsangali rulers

  • Gerad Dhegdheer, 1298–1311
  • Jaama Gale, 1311–1328
  • Gerad Isxaaq, 1328–1340
  • Gerad Masiixi I, 1340–1355
  • Bukur Nidar, 1355–1375
  • Gerad Ciise I, 1375–1392
  • Gerad Siciid, 1392–1409
  • Huur Ladane, 1409–1430
  • Gerad Aden, 1430–1450
  • Dalmar Kamas, 1450–1479
  • Gerad Ciise II, 1479–1487
  • Bukur Warfaa, 1487–1495
  • Zakariye, 1491–1503
  • Gerad Liban, 1503–1525
  • Gerad Yosef, 1525–1555
  • Gerad Ciise III, 1555–1585
  • Waaberi, 1585–1612
  • Ayaanle Daamo, 1612–1655
  • Gerad Ciise IV, 1655–1675
  • Gerad Naleye, 1675–1705
  • Gerad Masiixi II, 1705–1750
  • Bukur Dalmar, 1750–1789
  • Gerad Xareed, 1789–1830
  • Aden Warsame, 1830–1870
  • Araweello, 1870–1897
  • Gerad Masiixi III, 1897–1960

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