The Wars of American Revolution included a second American revolution, and after the split of America into 7

smaller nations, multiple small civil wars. The Revolution included nonstop fighting through towns and major cities like New York City, New York; Birmingham, Alabama, and others. Fighting spilled over into Canada and fighting also erupted over Greenland section of the Provincial Road.
Wars of American Revolution
Location United States, Greenland, Canada, and Cuba
Result Revolutionary Victory, Split of US into 7 nations. United States loses 40 of 50 states.


The war started on January 9, 2010 with a standoff between riot police and a strike-turned-riot. The rioters were arrested and jailed. The following morning 11 states seceeded from the Union. Many warned it was illegal, but the new government fired back saying "If we were going to pull away from another country, why should we really care about foreign laws?"

Battle of Birmingham

The Battle of Birmingham, Alabama was the first major battle of the War. It began on January 28, 2010 and lasted for two months. It started when General Friedrichssonne gave a small speech to all listening:

"The city of Birmingham, Alabama is now claimed for the United Provinces of Columbia, you will be given all of your rights ceeded to you by the Constitution. Anyone who refuses to co-operate will be lined up and shot to death by means of firing squad."

Birmingham Police quickly responded calling for Federal Re-enforcements and pulling out of the city. Federal troops arrived and the two-month battle ensued taking roughly 500 lives in total. Shelling took 500 civilian lives and flattened the city. In all, 3,000 shells were dropped on the city and surrounding areas.

Battle of New York

The Battle of New York City was the costliest of the war, and also the longest, it lasted from February 13 to the end of the war. 1,900 civilians were killed or wounded. Roughly 4,000 soldiers from each side were killed or wounded. Ground Zero construction was destroyed. 5,000 shells were dropped from either side on Manhattan alone.

Provincial Road

The Provincial Road stretched from Yakutsk, Russia to Reykjavik, Iceland, the main part went through the middle section of the United States. Many battles were fought along this road, including the largest battle, the Battle of Nuuk, Greenland caused 1,500 civilian and militant casualties. Nuuk sustained minimal damage to buildings.

Battle of Battle of Michigan and surrender of U.S.

The Battle of Michigan took place on December 1, 2010 and took 2,000 civilian lives and 3,000 Federal and Provincial lives. It started with a Provincial artillery barrage of Detroit, which destroyed 3 automobile plants. Federal troops expected this and were dug into positions surrounding the city. 3,000 Provincial troops marched into the Detroit metro area and were quickly pushed back Wisconsin. After regrouping and obtaining re-enforcements, Provincials quickly took the city. Fighting ensued around Michigan and spilled over into Wisconsin. The United States, under Barack Obama and General David Petraeus surrendered to General Joshua Friedrichssonne and General Eric Paulson of the United Provinces. The Letter of Surrender was later burned. Both of the Surrendering were taken to Guillotine for war crimes.

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