The Wars on the Regnum Bueno's timeline.

Start Finish; Result Name of Conflict Belligerents Mentioned in (if it does not have an article)
Victorious party (if applicable) Defeated party (if applicable)
1640 1644; Victory and the creation of the Kingdom of San Paulo Independence War
  • Flagsaopaulov1 San Paulo

Supported by:

  • Flag of the Dutch West India Company Dutch West India Company

  • Flag Portugal (1495) Kingdom of Portugal
July 08, 1893 November 29, 1897; Victory of San Paulo Melanesian War
  • Flagsaopaulov1 San Paulo
  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire
January 31, 1901 February 18, 1906; Status quo ante bellum Columbian-Paulist War
  • Flagsaopaulov1 San Paulo
  • Flagwestindies Caribbean State
  • US flag with 25 stars by Hellerick Columbia
July 28, 1914 November 14, 1918 First World War

Allied Powers:

  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Flag of France France
  • Flag of Russia Russian Empire (1914/17)
  • State Flag of Serbia (1882-1918) Servia
  • US flag with 25 stars by Hellerick Columbia (1917/18)
  • Flagsaopaulov1 San Paulo (1915/18)
  • Alternatepolandflag Poland

Central Powers:

  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire
  • Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Austria-Hungary
  • Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
  • Flag of Bulgaria Kingdom of Bulgaria
  • Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy
January 22, 1920 April 15, 1922; Victory of Columbia Bahamas Political Conflict
  • US flag with 25 stars by Hellerick Columbia
  • Flagsaopaulov1 San Paulo
September 1, 1939 September 2, 1945 Second World War
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Flag of France France
  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) Soviet Union
  • Flagsaopaulov1 San Paulo
  • US flag with 25 stars by Hellerick Columbia
  • Fascistgermany-regnumbueno Fascist Germany
  • Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy
  • Naval Ensign of Japan Japan
October 30, 1955 February 04, 1958; Victory of the Paulist Commonwealth and allies. Paulist-Argentine War
  • Flagsaopaulov2update Paulist Commonwealth
  • Boliviaparaguayanrepublicflag Chaco Republic
  • Flag of Argentina (alternative) Partido Justicialista
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina
May 12, 1959 March 21, 1990; Victory from the Left-Wing/Freedom movements, Fall of the Apartheid era in South Africa.

South African Border War:

  • Flag of Mozangascar (Regnum Bueno) FRELIMO
  • Flag of Tabareland (1971-1994) - (Regnum Bueno) PPUST
  • Flag of the People's Republic of Congo Congo-Lubumbashi
  • Flag of Cuba Cuba
  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) Soviet Union
  • Flagsaopaulov2update Paulist Commonwealth

and others...

  • Flag of South Africa (1928-1994) South Africa (until 1982)
  • Flag of South Africa (1928-1994) South-West Africa
  • Flag of Rhodesia Rhodesia
  • Marinha de Portugal (1911-1974, Ministro) Portugal (until 1975)
  • US flag with 25 stars by Hellerick Columbia

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