This Page lists all wars, notable battles, and Military Incidents in the One of Many Deaths timeline.

  • World War One: The First World War, between the Central Power, and the Triple Entente. It ended with the Treaty of Versailles, and caused the fall of the Russian Empire, and the rise of Communism in Russia, which in turn led to the Second World War
  • World War Two: The Second World War, between the USSR and the European Alliance, was the largest war the world had ever seen. The entry of the USA into the War resulted in the defeat of the Soviets, and the establishment of a democratic government in Russia. At the same time as this, the Japanese Empire entered into a conflict with the British Empire, and the United States of America, which ended with the invasion of Japan by American Forces.
  • Yugoslav War: In 1970, the EU launches a Military Intervention into Yugoslavia, to end the Bosnian Genocide. This intervention results in the formation of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia, from the former nation of Yugoslavia.
  • First Falklands War: In 1974, Argentina invades the Falklands. Within 2 days, the British have dispatched a fleet to the area. After a brief skirmish, the Argentinians withdraw, as Buenos Aires is consumed by fire.
  • Second Falklands War: In 1979, Argentina again tries to take the Falkland Islands. They are repulsed, and EU forces invade Argentina itself, beginning a 3 year long war, ending when the EU pulls out of Argentina, leaving much of it in Ruins.
  • The Troubles: The IRA sets off a variety of bombs and IEDs, and the EU sends forces to police the area. After 500 Civilian Deaths, and 20 Military Deaths, the EU ends the troubles by uniting North and South Ireland, still under EU rule, but with one government.
  • Middle Eastern War: Iraq invades Iran, and the complex political and diplomatic situation in the Middle East drags all the states there into the war. The war is temporarily stopped by the EU aiding the Turks, and establishing Secular Governments in all the Middle Eastern Countries, however, the fundamentalists in the Middle East launch a devastating Terrorist Attack on the EU, and the war continues until 2001, and the defeat of the Terrorist Forces.
  • Central African War: A war between the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Angola. The UN fails to end the war, until South African Forces move in, ending the War.
  • South American Spring: A series of revolutions results in democratic governments in South American Countries.
  • Hawaiian Crisis: The Hawaiian Islands declare independence, and this almost results in a War between China, Japan and the USA. The situation is widely seen as resolved, although not by many Americans.

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