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This is a list of all military conflicts in the Mundus Aquilae timeline.

Fifteenth Century

Conflict Years Side One Side Two Result

Appenzell Wars


Wappen Appenzell Innerrhoden matt Appenzell
Coa stgallen City of St. Gallen
Wappen des Kantons Schwyz Schwyz
Glaris-coat of arms Glarus

Flag of Austria Austria

  • Gules a fess argent Further Austria

Coa Abbey Saint Gall Abbey of St. Gall

Old Zürich War

Zurich-coat of arms Imperial City of Zurich
Gules a fess argent Habsburg Austria
Blason France moderne France

Flag of Switzerland Old Swiss Confederacy

  • Berne-coat of arms Canton of Bern
  • Lucerne-coat of arms Canton of Lucerne
  • Uri-coat of arms Canton of Uri
  • Wappen des Kantons Schwyz Canton of Schwyz
  • Wappen Unterwalden alt Canton of Unterwalden
  • Glaris-coat of arms Canton of Glarus
  • Zug-coat of arms Canton of Zug
First Burgundian War

Swabian War

Sixteenth Century

Conflict Years Side One Side Two Result
Second Burgundian War

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