This is a page of all major wars and military actions occurring after the PoD. This includes all major revolts, civil wars, and other major conflicts affected by the PoD. Wars not affected by the PoD will not be displayed. This list is incomplete.

Early Middle Ages (800-1000 AD)

Name of the War Belligerents Outcome Notes Article Status
Unification Wars


Frankish Empire & Byzantine Empire
The Braniches †, the Bulgarian Empire, the Diocleans †, the Dragovits †, the Serbs † and the Zagorechians †
Frankish and Byzantine victory Canon
First Viking War


Frankish Empire & Byzantine Empire
Danes †,Swedes
Frankish victory Canon
Moravian War


Frankish Empire & Byzantine Empire
Moravia †
Frankish victory Canon
Bulgar War


Byzantine Empire & Frankish Empire
First Bulgarian Empire †
Byzantine victory Canon
Italian Wars


Carolingian Empire
Benevento †, Papal States †, Spoleto †, League of Napoli †, & Emirate of Sicily
Carolingian victory Canon

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