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8th century

9th century

10th century

11th century

12th century

Byzantine Trebuchet Skylintzes

The Siege of Erzurum the final siege that ended the Seljuk sultanate of Rum

Wendish Crusade (1147 CE)

Byzantine-Seljuk War (1185-1188 CE, 1193-1198 CE)

Livonian Crusade (1188 CE, 1191-1192 CE)

Andronikos I's revolt (1189-1193 CE)

Estonian Crusade (1190 CE)

3rd Crusade (1191-1199 CE)

13th century

4th Crusade (1206-1226 CE)

Mongol Conquest of Central Asia (1206 CE)

Mongol Conquests (1206 CE-1337 CE)

Byzantine raids into the Crimea (1264-1265 CE)

1st Byzantine-Sicilian War (1269-1279 CE)

2nd Byzantine Sicilian War (1284-1295 CE)

5th Crusade (1293-1297 CE)

14th century

3rd Byzantine Sicilian War (1300-1308 CE)

6th Crusade (1313-1315 CE)

The Adriatic war (1331-1333 CE)

Straurakios III's revolt (1337-1340 CE)

War of the five empires (1378-1410 CE)

Hus' Revolt (1396-1399 CE)

15th century

Polish Hus Loyalist uprisings (1401-1407 CE)

Ottoman-Crusader wars (1419-1432 CE)

Ottoman-Aleppo war (1439-1443)

100 years war (1337-1453 CE)

Brittany-French war (1457-1460 CE)

Fall of Jerusalem (1449-1453 CE)

Fall of Tripoli (1459-1461 CE)

Ottoman-Seljuk War (1465-1474 CE)

Byzantine-Genoan War (1483-1485 CE)

Umayyad capture of North Africa (1487-1499 CE)

16th century

Safavid revolt (1501-1502 CE)

Fall of the Seljuk Sultanate (1503-1509 CE)

Castilan Expedition into Mexico (1521-1530 CE)

1st Aquitaine revolt (1578-1584 CE)

The Russian-Safavid war (1594-1596 CE)

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