This page is for the Wars from 1861.

Ongoing wars

Name Start Belligerents
Taiping Rebellion 1850 Qing Empire Taiping Kingdom
Nian Rebellion 1851 Qing Empire Nian militia
Herzegovina Uprising 1852 Ottoman Empire Herzegovinian Serbs
Miao Rebellion 1854 Qing Empire Miao people
Venezuelan Federal War 1859 Venezuelan Federalists Venezuelan Centralists
Franco-Mexican War 1861 France Mexico
Ottoman Invasion of Macedonia 1861 Ottoman Empire Macedonia
Hawaiian-Tahitian War 1861.5 Hawaii Tahiti

Concluded wars

Name Start End Winning Side Losing Side
Cochinchina Campaign 1858 1861 France
Dai Nam
Colombian Civil War 1860 1862 Granadine Confederation Federal State of Cauca
Chilean-Patagonian War 1861 1866 Patagonia
American Civil War (Northern and Southern Fronts) 1861 1866 Confederate States of America
Austrian Empire
United States of America
Russo-Prussian War 1867 1868 Russia (with Austria, Saxony, and the Ottomans) Prussia