In this timeline there have been four World Wars and two Colonial Wars. All these wars were major wars that affected the world at that time. Historians believe that the cause of these major wars were probably because the countries were so powerful because they were influenced by Rome.


World Wars

World War I

World War I was caused by the tensions that had grown between Gallia and Rome the two superpowers in Europe. Gallia had just finished its fourth complete colony. Rome had just failed in setting up a colony in Mayan territory to compete with Gallia. In the mean time a sense of nationalism had emerged throughout the world. Rome blamed Gallia that they caused the Roman colonists in Maya to disappear. Gallia was highly offended. Rome specifically blamed a specific duke in New Gallia in the new world. That duke had previously lead terrorist attacks against Rome. His next attack had caused a full out war. He sent in Guerrilla attack in Venice and Messina. Rome then attack Gallia. Once that happened all the other countries took sides. Slavia, Burgundy, Morocco, Scotia, Russia, Dai Viet, Sumer, and the Kkmer Empire all sided with Gallia. Hispana, The Byzantine Empire, Japan, Champa, Tigris, Bactria, Ireland, Nazca, and Silla all sided with Rome. China, baekje, Srivijaya, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Maya were all neutral during the beginning of the war. The first battle field was in Tigris. Sumer attacked Tigris and soon reinforcements were brought in from the war's major powers. The Moroccan Defenses battled Ireland's army on the second day.

World War II

World War III

World War IV

Colonial Wars

The Colonial wars only took place in the colonies. Economic conflicts may have occurred in other places, but the battle front was mainly colonial territory.

Colonial War I

Colonial War II

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