Every year, any battle/war/skirmish will be listed here along with some narrative and description.


Ottoman soldiers VS Greek Revolutionaries

Some of the Greek revolutionaries have deserted and returned home after some Ottoman propaganda due to loss of interest and better treatment under the new king. The rest are easily surrounded and crushed as they are nothing more than a small, angry mob.

Ottoman Victory

Austria VS Bishopry of Trent

The mighty Austrian armies descend on the Bishopry of Trent, and the citizens panic. The small nation, already heavily under Austrian influence, surrenders and is now a part of the Austrian Empire.

Austrian Victory

Russia vs Kazakhs

Russian colonization impacts into the local nomads. There is some skirmishes and a few local Kazakhs are killed, but the Ablai Khan is not told about it, and nothing else happens for now.

Russian successful colonization

Portugal vs Lundu Tribes

Lundu chief leads a brave charge into Portughese lines, but they are soon killed and the defence of Lundu falters. There is some left resistance and a small band of warriors escaped and were not found, but Lundu is now under Portughese control.

Portugal victory


Saxony vs Anhalt-Dessau and Anhalt-Zerbst

After 2 years of battle, Saxony has finally conquered both Anhalt-Dessau and Anhalt-Zerbst.

Saxony Wins

Britain and Ottoman vs France

4.5 million British and Ottoman brave soldiers have poured into Brest, and the French state is fighting with all its might. The French army, slightly demoralised although also slightly larger at the moment, were unable to stop the British and Ottoman coalition armies establishing a beachhead, although they were still unable to break through the French lines. Suddenly, the parts of the French armies have deserted due to lack of wages (from France's dipping economy). The French army retreats and thousands are killed. However, a sudden influx of reinforcements have stopped the British and Ottomans invasion in Picardy and they suffer some casualties there too. The French navy has engaged the British navy with the British emerging superior, although at a heavy cost of several ships.

British and Ottoman victory at the moment


The Great French Wars


Britain signs armistice, expands all the way to Spanish conquered territories.

France retains Paris.

Netherlands pushed out of France.

Spain expands to Marseilles/Gascony.

Most of French colonies taken.

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