Wars (Balance Point)


This page contains the links to the pages for the various wars. The wars are ranked by magnitude (how important), and then by date.

Magnitude 6= Global war, massive impact on the world. Causes massive border changes

Magnitude 5= Global or Multi-continental war. less of an impact, still large border changes and many casualties

Magnitude 4= Continental war. Many countries on one primary continent cause many casualties and major border changes.

Magnitude 3= Regional war. A few major or many minor countries in the same area. Causualties are usually moderate and impact on the world is small to moderate. Some border changes.

Magnitude 2= Group War. Few minor or two or three major countries. cause light casualties and have a fairly small impact. Few border changes.

Magnitude 1= Minor war. Two or three minor countries, few casualties, and little or no border changes. Basically no impact on the world as a whole.


Magnitude 6

Magnitude 5

First Global War

Magnitude 4

Magnitude 3

Magnitude 2

Magnitude 1

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