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Canis venatoris is the Scientific name of the Pack Hunter that roams the Jungles of Greenland. They are a terrifying creature, the height of a man, and the length of a car. They hunt in packs. The common name is Wargs, after the similar beasts written in fiction by many authors.


They evolved from the 'normal' pack hunters on Greenland roughly 50 million years ago, and within 10,000 years, had hunted the normal wolves to extinction. They are a semi-intelligent species, able to build rudementary tools with their mouths. They lived on the world for several thousand years, growing larger and faster, as the prey they hunt evolvled with them. A few centuries ago, when the first humans landed on the world, the packs began to hunt them. At first it was not noticable, as the missing people were written off as lost in the Jungle, as the Humans could not believe anything Maleviolent could live on Greenland. When an entire colony was destroyed, and the half eaten corpes are discovered, the colonists become aware that something out there is preying upon them.

The Great Hunts

The Humans then organised hunts, parties of men going into the Jungle and looking for the mysterios animals. After a few weeks, and countless human dead, a Canis was shot dead. Still terrified, the humans sent out flights of Helicopters to gun them down from the skies. It was not until a Warg leapt from the forest, and brought a helicopter down, that the humans realised this would not be a simple task. With the ending of the Helicopter Patrols, the period of 'Great Hunts' was brought to an end.

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