War against the Moon
Lcross bomb risk
Top left: Artists rendition of the Moon Bombing

June 18, 2006


October 9, 2006


In orbit above the Moon


Confederate Victory


The Moon

Flag of the Confederate States of America (1865)
Confederate States of America



Flag of the Confederate States of America (1865) Mel Martinez




Casualties and Losses

A few rocks torn apart

1 Injured (Fell down the stairs after the bombing run took place)

The War against the Moon or the "Moon War" was a successful claim by the Confederate States that they rightfully had rights and owned the moon. In a session of the Confederate Congress in 2004, they voted to declare war on the Moon. This passed overwhelmingly, being the first country to land on the moon, the Confederate States decided to claim the moon as their owned territory. In the middle of June 2008, President Martinez launched 2 missiles at the moon, they both arrived there October 9th, where the President was quick to claim victory over the Moon, and claimed it to be an "Occupied Territory" giving the Confederate States full rights over the Moon Land. Many nations, such as the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, and the United States have already paid the Confederate States money for the ability to land and send satellites there. A Confederate War HQ, (Or really just a Moon Base) is currently being constructed on Earth and is expected to be in place by 2011.

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