War on Independence
Date October 7, 2001-present
Location Middle East, Anatolia, Mexico, and Canada
Status Turkish Civil War:

  • Fall of the fascist government in Turkey
  • Destruction of WIU camps
  • Fascist insurgency continues.
  • War spreading to Armenia

Mexican Civil War:

  • Fall of the Villa dictatorship.
  • Execution of Pancho Villa IV
  • Free elections
  • Nationalist insurgency continues.

Iraq, Jordan, Syria:

  • Insurgencies continue.


  • British rule restored
  • Rebellions continue

WETO participants:

  • British Empire
  • France
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • the Netherlands

Non-WETO participants:

  • El Salvador
  • Ethiopia
  • Philippines
  • South Africa
  • Eurasia
Rebellions and Insurgencies
  • World Independence Union
  • Turkish National Party.
  • Caucasian militants
  • Court of Middle Eastern Justice
  • Alliance for Iraqi Independence
  • Alliance for Jordanian Independence
  • Alliance for Syrian Independence
  • Canadian Rebel Union
  • Mexican National Party
  • Villa Loyalists
  • Haganah
  • Palmarch
  • Irgun
  • Lehi
  • Arab Liberation Army
  • Palestinian Alliance.
  • Ethiopian Rebels
  • Australian Rebel Underground


  • Federation of Turkey
  • Republic of Mexico
  • Dominion of Canada
  • World Independence Union
  • Caucasian Militants
  • Jewish Nationalist Groups
  • Australian Rebel Underground
  • Ethiopian Rebels
  • Palestinian Alliance

The War on Independence is an ongoing international military campaign led by the United Kingdom and France with the support of other WETO and non-WETO countries. The campaign was launched in 2001 with the joint British-French invasion of Turkey, for the Turkish government was giving rebels in Iraq, Syria, and Jordan guns and money to fight the British. Great Britain invaded Mexico in 2003, but this was not under the umbrella of "war on independence." Meanwhile, Britain continues to fight nationalist uprisings in the Middle East and Canada. Originally, it was waged against WIU (World Independence Union) and other nationalist organizations with the purpose of gaining independence.

The phrase War on Independence was first used by former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and other high-ranking Britih officials to denote a global military, political, legal and ideological struggle against organizations designated as nationalists and regimes that were accused of having a connection to them or providing them with support or were perceived, or presented as posing a threat to the UK and its allies in general. For example, Mexico was invaded in 2003, not because it supported independence organizations (which it didn't), but because it was thought the Mexican dictatorship was researching nuclear weapons. This turned out to be false, and the invasion seemed ever more pointless.

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