War of the Sun King





Spanish Netherlands, Piedmont, France, Rhineland, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, North America


Treaty of Ryswick


Flag of the Commonwealth Commonwealth of England
Prinsenvlag Dutch Republic
Sweden-Flag-1562 Swedish Empire
Flag Portugal (1667) Kingdom of Portugal
25px Holy Roman Empire
Flag of Cross of Burgundy Kingdom of Spain
Savoie flag Duchy of Savoy

Pavillon royal de France Kingdom of France
Flag of England English Royalists
Flag of Scotland Scottish Covenanters


Flag of the Commonwealth Charles Fleetwood
Prinsenvlag Frederick II of Orange
Sweden-Flag-1562 Charles XI of Sweden
Flag Portugal (1667) Afonso VI of Portugal (Until 1683)
Flag Portugal (1667) Peter II of Portugal (From 1683)
25px Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor
25px Frederick William I, Elector of Brandenburg
25px Charles V, Duke of Lorraine
Flag of Cross of Burgundy Charles II of Spain
Savoie flag Victor Amadeus II

Pavillon royal de France Louis XIV of France
Pavillon royal de France Marquis de Vauban
Pavillon royal de France Duc de Luxembourg
Pavillon royal de France Duc de Villeroi
Pavillon royal de France Duc de Duras
Pavillon royal de France Duc de Lorge
Pavillon royal de France Duc de Boufflers
Pavillon royal de France Nicolas Catinat
Pavillon royal de France Duc de Noailles
Flag of England 'Charles III'




Casualties and Losses



The War of the Sun King was a conflict between most of the major powers in Europe. The aim of this war was for the 'Grand Coalition' to try to halt French expansion, land-wise and power-wise. While France's main aim was to defend herself and her power while gaining more, and the English Royalists aim was to place a monarchy on the English throne. The Grand Coalition succeeded in its aim, and France had to return much of the land it had gained previously, and its North American colonies suffered greatly.


French Power had slowly been growing for years.

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