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War of the Savannah
Days After Chaos
Date 1932
Location Savannah River;
Result Conquest of the coastal states
Flag of the Holy Columbian Empire Holy Columbian Empire
  • Atlantia
  • Georgia
  • Rome

Various coastal city-states

Commanders and leaders
James I of Romagna

George III of Georgia
Michael I of Atlantia

Michael Williamsworth

The War of the Savannah was a short conflict between the disparate states occupying the former Georgian coast, and the members of the Holy Columbian Empire. It was the first conflict the nascent Empire was involved in, and resulted in the founding of the Kingdom of Yamasee and Governorship of Statesboro.


The Kingdom of Georgia, even before the conclusion of the Columbian Wars had grown to be one of the wealthier states in the nascent Holy Columbian Wars, due to its access to the Savannah River. But the length of the Columbian wars had taken its toll, and ways to increase income were explored. While Georgian merchants had established warehouses along the southern bank of the Savannah and at its mouth, controlled by the wealthy city-state of Savannah, Georgia made it an issue that their merchants had to pay taxes to "pagan" rulers for conducting business.

King George III, Georgia's monarch, called Atlantias King Michael and Romes King James for a debate on the matter. Although he needed the support of one other monarch for the war to be official "Columbian", the call for the spread of the word of the goddess Columbia through force had little it neede to do to convince both Kings to join.

Over the course of two weeks, each King gathered their armies for the offensive. While the Savannah states grew weary, little was done in the way of preparation.

Course of the War

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