PMIII 1970 This Map Game is a Proposal

War of the Rings (Map Game) is a proposal, which means that before signing up you should wait for approval from the Map Game Committee.



Source: Author: Sampsa Rydman


  1. Gondor
  2. Mordor
  3. Rohan
  4. Isengard
  5. Lórien
  6. Dol Guldur
  7. Mirkwood
  8. Erebor
  9. Dale
  10. Iron Hills - Palaiologos-Dynasty-Eagle Ungern von Sternberg A man's GREATEST joy is crushing his enemies Flag of the Northern Yuan
  11. Umbar
  12. Dunland
  13. Bellakar
  14. Lindon
  15. Gundabad
  16. Khand
  17. Shire
  18. North Dúnedain
  19. Harnendor
  20. Orcs of the misty Mountains
  21. Belfalas (vassal of Gondor)
  22. Dorwinion
  23. Haruzan
  24. Saralainn
  25. Hillmen of Rhudaur

More countries will be added in case of great interest

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