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War of the Portuguese Succession (Parallel Brazil)

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War of the Portuguese Succession
Date 1842-1844
Location Portugal
  • Congress of Amsterdam
    • Recognition of the Brazilian victory
    • Rise of Maria II as Queen of Portugal
    • Exile of Miguel of Portugal
  • Imposition of a new constitution to Portugal
  • Emergence of Brazil as a Great Power equal to the European ones
Brasilban Brazil

Flag Portugal (1830) Liberal Portuguese Suported by
Flag of the Kingdom of Prussia (1803-1892) Prussia
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Austria
Union Jack of Sweden and Norway (1844-1905) Sweden-Norway

Flag Portugal (1707) Miguelites Portuguese

Supported by
Flag of the United Kingdom Great Britain
Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931) Spain
Flag of France France

Commanders and leaders
Brasilban Pedro I of Brazil

Brasilban Maria Quiteria
Brasilban Lucas Vaz Dias
Flag Portugal (1830) Marechal Saldanha
Flag Portugal (1830) Duke of Sá da Bandeira

Flag Portugal (1707)D. Miguel I

Flag Portugal (1707)Visconde de Montalegre
Flag Portugal (1707)Visconde de Santa Marta
Flag Portugal (1707)Visconde de Azenha
Flag Portugal (1707)Marquês de Chaves

Total: 70,000

Brasilban 50,000
Flag Portugal (1707) 20,000 (regular and militia)

Total: 63,000

Flag Portugal (1707) 63.000 (regular and militia)

Casualties and losses
Total: 16,000

Brasilban 12,000 deaths
Flag Portugal (1707) 4,000

Total: 31,000

Flag Portugal (1707) 31,000 deaths

Civilian deaths: 51,000

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