March 10 - James lands with 45,000 French and Jacobite troops near Cork.

March 28 - James' army moves along the coast, heading for Dublin.

May 1 - James arrives in Dublin, Irish Catholics swell the ranks of his army.

May 8 - James proclaims himself king of Ireland.

May 12 - William lands with 40,000 men at Belfast and heads south along the coast to Dublin.

June - The armies of William and James arrive at the River Boyne, several small skirmishes but main armies fail to locate each other.

July 8 - The opposing armies locate each other and prepare defences near the town of Drogheda.

July 10 - First day of battle, neither side makes a strategic breakthrough.

July 11 - Second day of battle, neither side manages to make it to the opposite side of the river.

July 12 - William is killed whilst lunching on the river bank, his army begins to fall apart

July 13 - James' army launches an all out assault on the north side of the Boyne. With their cause lost many Williamite troops desert.

July 19 - James' army arrives at Derry, siege begins.

July 20 - James leaves Ireland with a force of 8,000 men and heads for Scotland.

July 23 - James' troops land at Eriskay, he has great support from the highland clans and begins forming an army.

August - James travels around the highlands gathering support.

August 30 - James rallies his army together at Edinburgh, 32,000 men head south.

September 17 - James arrives in Glasgow.

September 30 - James arrives in Carlisle.

October 20 - James arrives in Derby.

October 22 - Queen Mary dispatches the Earl of Marlborough to destroy James' army.

October 30 - James arrives in Worcester.

November 5 - James' army meets Marlborough's near Oxford, Marlborough defects to James' army, along with half of his army.

November 7 - The williamite remains of Marlborough's army is defeated at the battle of Oxford.

November 15 - James' army arrives at the outskirts of London.

November 16 - Mary flees the capital, heading for Hastings.

November 18 - James arrives at the Tower of London, parliament refuses to declare him monarch until Mary leaves British soil.

November 25 - Around 30,000 loyal Williamite troops arrive in Hastings, under the personal command of Queen Mary.

December 2 - James defeats Mary at Hastings.

December 8 - Mary flees along with 5000 followers.

December 11 - James returns to London and is proclaimed king.

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