War of the Asuras

1298 (OTL 1877)


1398 (OTL 1977)


The Entire World


Allied Victory

Creation of Dìnggòu liánhéguó

Islamic Inkca Divided between Japan and China.

Nation of Sahel created.

Japanese Annexation of Western Siberia

Mysorean Annexation of Oman and Southern Persia.

Chinese Annexation of Morocco.

World Council Created.


Islamic Nations (1298-1365)
United Caliphate (1365-1398)



Mysorean League


Caliph Omar IV (1365-1398)

Chinese Emperors:
Emperor Guangxu (1298-1329)
Emperor Pu Yi (1329-1383)
Emperor Yuyan (1383-1398)

Japanese Emperors:
Emperor Meiji (1298-1343)
Emperor Taisho (1343-1357)
Emperor Hirohito (1357-1398)


12 Million

14 Million

Casualties and Losses

Five Million

Seven Million

The War of the Asuras was a long conflict that caused an estimated 26 Million deaths. It came at a rare time in history, when there were only six nations/leagues in the entire world (two of which remained neutral, although they supplied weapons to both sides). The War lasted longer than most other wars throughout history, and when it was over the world economy collapsed into a depression lasting ten years. It dealt with the rising power and forcefulness of the Islamic Nations. It was the first (and last, at least so far) conflict of Atomic Warfare. Nuclear Weapons were dropped on Mysore, Ku si keo (Cuzco), Mecca, Kyoto (however, the attempt to bomb it was failed), Canton, and finally Rwma (Rome).


Without Europe1

The Six Nations at the Start of the War.

After the Discovery of Yingzhou, in 1032, there was a great race among the major powers to conquer as much "Barbarian" Lands as possible. When, suddenly it seemed, these lands ran out there were large economic problems. Workers were constantly laid off as the ever expanding consumption for a growing population was not being met. Prices of all kinds soared. At the same time, tensions between the Mysorean League got worse. Trade between the Mysorean League and the nations of Islam stopped. Huge Walls were erected on the borders between Mysoreans and the Muslims. The invention of the railroad and of machines that did not need to be paid in China put more workers out of work. Workers in Japan and China started to riot. The Congren Rebellion in China (1292-1296) nearly stopped all goods being traded and created in China. In 1298, Ninda Prinsa, heir to the throne of Mysore Proper, converted to Islam. His father renounced his son's birthright just days later and died in his sleep. When Jōjāgarahāhai, Ninda's younger brother was proclaimed Maharaja, the Caliph of Mecca declared Global Jihad against the League of Mysore. China and Japan joined with the Mysoreans to form the Alliance.

Start of War

With the breakdown of all the communications with the Islamic Nations and their strong allies The United Caliphate, The Mysorean League and their allies, The Chinese and Japanese Empires started a huge rearmament program to be ready for the inevitability of war.

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