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The First Sicilian War lasted from 2004 until 2006, when Sicily conquered Sardinia and Tunisia, as well as attacking the Pais de Oro. It can trance back to 2003 with a revolt in Cartagena and other cities against the falangist government of the Spanish Republic.

Initial Stages of the War

  • In the beginning of the third millennium, the competition between Sicily and PdOr for control of the Strait of Gibraltar and the Spanish Republic's approach to Sicily culminated in the so-called War of the Alboran Sea.The isolationist Sicily Republic stunned its neighbors and the world by staging an amphibious invasion of both Sardinia and Tunisia on May 5th, conquering them within two weeks, long before any force could take the initiative against Sicily. These achievements are part of the war in the Alboran Sea - also known as the First Sicily War - in support of the fascist regime of the southeastern Spain and against Pais de Oro. Sicily occupied the island of Ibiza between 2004 and 2006.

The Coalition

  • A coalition from the Celtic Alliance, Portugal and Rif supporting PdOr forced Sicily to withdraw from the Western Mediterranean. Understanding the risks of Sicilian control of the Strait of Gibraltar the Celtic Alliance, Portugal and the Rif went to war in late 2005 supported PdOr. Chile and the RUAS also sent small contingents. With the help of the multinational force PdOr could eventually expel the Sicilians of Ibiza in 2006 and forced falangists of Murcia to surrender. Eventually, a western coalition forced them out of Pais de Oro territory, and, with them unwilling to go further, eventually resulting in an acknowledgment by these powers of Sicilian control over Tunisia and Sardinia - but not acknowledging it, or the Italian mainland, as belonging to them. This eventually led to the founding of the Atlantic Defense Organization.


  • Though heavily opposing, neither the neighbors or ANZC or anyone was able or willing to intervene militarily. So in 2007 the Sicilian authority over both Sardinia and Tunisia was acknowledged. The international powers were only able to enact a few sanctions which proved almost completely ineffective against Sicily. Those sanctions were lifted in December 2007, though Sicily was (except for SAC and Soloville) isolated diplomatically.

The September 26th 2007 foundation of the Atlantic Defense Community as a direct response to the Sicily Aggression did not really bother the Palermo Government. But the November 2008 actions' effects - the declared blockade of both the Northern Suez Channel Zone Entrance and the Lampedusa Corridor - and the resulting direct reaction by ADC, Alpine and ANZC forces in response - may have been miscalculated, for it bothered the Sicily government greatly. The Sicilians were forced to back down.