This timeline is which all countries are consisted in a league and those leagues are always in fight with each other. This assumes that both Western Roman Empire and Eastern Roman Empire are still surviving.  By the way, this is not one of those game mods.

Except Catholic League and Orthodox League, Most leagues have their presiding state to have at least one or more votes in the governing council of Leagues.  However Orthodox League has its lower house as Eastern Roman Empire's Senate, while Catholic League has Western Roman Empire as the source of its technology and culture, spreading its hegemony inside the league.

Leagues by continent


Catholic League (Leader:  Western Roman Empire)

Orthodox League (Leader:  Eastern Roman Empire )

Protestant League (Leader:  Selected by voting of member states. Currently England)


Middle League (Leader:  Korean Empire )

West League (Leader:  Han Empire )

East League (Leader:  Kyoto Empire )

Tibetan League (Leader:  Tibet )

Subcontinental League (Leader: Indo-Greek Empire )

"'Middle East'"

Islamic League (Leader: Persian Empire )


Northern-Mid African League (Leader:  Ethiopian Empire )

Southern African Tribal League (Leader:  Great tribe of Shona )

Western African Tribal League (Leader:  Great tribe of Hausa )


League of Free-spirited Man (Leader:  Columbus's Empire)

Middle Eastern Tribal Union (Leader: Cherokee)

Upper Western Tribal Union (Leader:  Black Feet)

Northern Middle Tribal League (Leader:  Iroquois)

Mid Western League (Leader: Sioux)

Middle League (Leader: Aztec Empire)

South Eastern League (Leader:  Incan Empire)

South-Northern Barbaric League (Leader:  Non-Existent)

South-Southern League (Leader:  Selected by voting)


The non-profit organization from the Tibet League makes the most official while the most unprejudiced ranking list .

The criterion is this: (Population+Civilization Status Average +GDP(nominal)+Landmass+Literacy Rate+Military Strength )/6

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