War of Jerusalem
Fighters Palestinians in Saudi Arabia





Middle East

  • Draw
  • Creation of a Jewish State and a Palestinian State
  • Jerusalem becomes under UN administration

Flag of Israel Jewish uprising

Flag of Palestine Palestinian uprising

Flag of al-Qaeda al-Qaeda


Flag of Israel Chaim Herzog

Flag of Israel Ariel Sharon

Flag of Israel Ze'ev Almog

Flag of Palestine Yasser Arafat

Flag of al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden




Casualties and Losses



The War of Jerusalem, also known as the Israel-Palestine Conflict, was an armed conflict that took place between 1980 and 1986. The goal of the war was to capture the territory of the former Empire of Jerusalem, which had collapsed after the downfall of Germany. The fighting was between a Jewish uprising against a Palestinian uprising. Al-Qaeda, a young terrorist organization, supported the Palestinians.



RFEC agents

When the territory called Palestine around Jerusalem was captured in the 1950s by the Germans after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Germany created the Empire of Jerusalem. The Germans had to deal with ethnic and religious problems, as two rival groups appeared: the Jewish and the Palestinians. The Referat fur ethnische Control (English: Unit of Ethnic Control) was created, and the tight contol delivered harsh penalties for any conflict. The RFEC managed to keep control of the rivalry for 3 decades. With the collapse of Germany in 1979, Jerusalem had no backing, and soon dissolved as ethnic fighting ripped it apart. The goal of the fighting was of course Jerusalem, the holy city. Large scale fighting had erupted by 1980, with the groups getting their hands on Russian and Chinese weapons. 



  • M14
  • FN FAL
  • CAR-15
  • AK-47
  • CAIC WZ-10
  • Technical
  • M60

The beginning of the war was on May 3, 1980, when the First Battle of Jerusalem broke out. Both sides had only rifles and such, making the battle very slow. Neither side had access to helicopters, aircraft, or tanks yet, as both sides didn't have a manufacturing center or an alliance with another nation. On May 10th, the Palestinians (now on refered to as the PSU) withdrew from the city, which gave the Jews the first victory of the war. The Jews began to take control of the city's factories, and production of weapons began. PLU made their base in OTL Syria, and began to enter negotiations with China about weapons.

To make up for no tanks, the Jews modified many pick-up trucks into technicals, and by the end of May had about 500 technicals, armed with rifles and a few with machine guns. The few tanks in the city were taken, and people were trained to drive them. The Jewish had about 25 tanks. The main weapon was FN FAL, a widespread weapon used by the Germans, and the AK-47, which were used by the German military as well. For man power, the Jews had over 300,000 fighters.

The Palestinians had managed to negotiate with the Iran-Iraq Confederacy and China for weapons. Searching scattered German bases, weapons similar to the ones used by the Jewish. The Confederacy also lent 50 helicopters, basically giving the PLU air superiority. 20 tanks were given, along with 200 technicals that had been created. Some Confederate weapons were also given, most of which are American. This included the M14 and the CAR-15. For man power, the PLU had nearly 310,000 fighters.

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