Casualties and Losses



The War of Indian Independence, also known as the South Asian Theatre of WWII, was a major war fought on the Indian subcontinent in the late 1940s. As part of WWII, it involved mainly Japanese, Commonwealth, and Indian forces. It began with the Japanese invasion of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) whic was supported by the Azad Hind Fauj, which founded the United Republic of India in Colombo on November 18, 1943. Even though the rest of the world had ceased fighting by 1945, fighting in India continued until 1947 as the British desperately tried to maintain their control of India without which their empire was lost.


India-Japan Pact

Quit India

Invasion of Ceylon

West Indian Rebellion

Afghan Support

Baluch Uprising

Siege of Karachi

Invasion of Deccan

Operation Ganges

Second Sepoy Rebellion

Diplomatic Collapse

Fall of New Delhi

Peace Negiotiations

British Withdrawal

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