War of Gunnar the Bastard
Principia Moderni III
Last minutes of False Dmitry
Gunnar the Bastard looks out a window during the Siege of Polva
Date 1639-1641
Location Republic of Narva, Grand Duchy of Pskov
Result Establishment of the Second Republic of Narva
Estonian alternative flag proposal Principality of Narva
Narvan Monarchist Flag Narvan Monarchists

Flag of et-Narva Free Army of Narva

Estonian alternative flag proposal2 Gunnar's Armies
Estonian alternative flag proposal Narvan Republicans
Flag of Pskov (Pskov oblast) Pskov
Commanders and leaders
Estonian alternative flag proposal Vürstiina Maria I Huntide†
Estonian alternative flag proposal General Klaus Sepp
Narvan Monarchist Flag Vürstiina Lizabet I Huntide
Narvan Monarchist Flag Vürst Hendrik I Huntide
Narvan Monarchist Flag General Sami Sandel
Flag of et-Narva Tolvo Aare†
Estonian alternative flag proposal2 Inimeste Vürst Gunnar the Bastard†
Estonian alternative flag proposal2 General Lauritz Koppel
Estonian alternative flag proposal Rahvapartei Juht Erik Helsberg
Flag of Pskov (Pskov oblast) Voevoda Boris Kondratiev
Princely Standard of Pskov Grand Duchess Elena Kondratieva
600 1500
Casualties and losses
light light

The Narvan Succession Crisis, also known as the "War of Gunnar the Bastard", was a civil war in the Republic of Narva


Death of Vecheslav Huntide

He dies after a period of illness, and without legitimate sons. After promising for so long to have an elective monarchy, he forgets to actualy make succesion rules, or appoint a temporary succesion, or chose on any election basically because of this oversight, chaos ensues.

Maria's Coronation

After the Death of her father, the nation knows not what to do with the succesion, Vecheslav having left the world without codifying succession, even though he once promised an electoral system, there were no laws dealing with either how the elections would occur, if at all. So, during this chaos, Maria Huntide, his eldest daughter and legitimate child, declares herself his heir and is crowned Vürstiina of Narva, and is accepted by the Riigikugu who would wish to avoid a succession crisis. However, her being a woman complicates things, as many view her as either usurping the position of Vecheslav's son(by his mistress Grete Koppel), Gunnar, wishing salic or semi-salic law, or from the people of Narva itself, citing Vecheslav's former promises to make the post of Vürst elective. Most people are complacent for the first years, until Maria begins a campaign to destroy any dissent, and in 1639, when Maria dismisses the Parliament indefinitely, killing all inside using her personal guard, Gunnar has enough, and the hardline republican raises an army.

Gunnar Rises

he declares himself Inimeste Vürst (People's Prince) and captures the city of Polva, beginning his war against his sister. Ends with Sister being hanged. Lizabet Huntide, Younger sister of Maria, Declares herself Vurstiina and co-ruler with Maria's son and now Vurst Hendrik Huntide; some suspect an incestuous relationship. Monarchists Lead armies to Polva and besiege it. The Free Army of Narva is formed.

Siege of Polva

Polav Falls, Gunnar Dies, becomes martyr for the republican revolution. The Siege leads to Pskov's Intervention, Erik Helsberg, Gunnar's close friend, escapes and is declared Rahvapartei Juht, People's Leader by the remaining forces. They adopt the "Flag of Vecheslav" as theirs, stealing from Maria's armies after the Monarchists adopt a new one (due to the old one's slight republican origins), begins to lead and build up republican Armies. Is able to convince Pskov to help.

Foreign Intervention

After the death of Gunnar at the hands of the Monarchists, Pskov is persuaded to help their fellow compatriots find freedom and such. The free army of Narva is swiftly crushed, and Pskov finally puts their foot down after they hear of the Possibly incestuous relationship between Vurst Hendrik Huntide and His Aunt, Vurstiina Lizbet Huntide. By the End of 1641, the war is but over, and Pskov has re-conquered the entire territory using superior strategy, tactics, and equipment. Hendrik and Lizbet flee the nation, only to be captured by the Pskov Imperial Company and Put into their custody indefinitely, where they are sent away on a ship, along with their entire extended family, which "just so happens" to drown on a voyage to their new exile in the new world.



After a Republican Victory, the Narvans adopt a new constitution, and abolish the position of Vurst, merging the Head of State with the position of Prime Minister, the head of the Riigikogu.

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