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War of Europe are two conflicts from 1468 to 1536 and from 1546 to 1587 both caused by conflict between Great Bohemia Empire, Western Empire and Holy Roman Empire. All caused by unsuccessful murder of Wenceslaus III. When Western Empire was created from England and Castilian-Aragon Union in 1456 both sides reacted very badly and almost caused revolution in 1463. King of England and Castile, great-grandson of Henry IV and great-great-great-grandson of Alfonso XI of Castile, Henry VI tried to made Holy Roman Emperor his friend, but he accidentally caught Emperor in bad mood and accidentally turned situation even worst as he was soon succeeded his son started the war. King of Bohemia stood aside as he saw the two destroy one another and him the emperor of Europe. Holy Roman Empire fell apart and Western Empire and Bohemia Empire started to be the biggest rivals of all time. The second war lasted only 41 years as war blind Borivoj VII didn't think about succession and didn't have an heir. This made the Western Empire into the European Empire.

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