War of Colonialism

October 22, 1519


January 2, 1520


Vest Territory of Vinland


Ming Dynasty

Major battles:

Battle of Jari



Ming Dynasty


Rejer Syvertsen

Chen Yüan, Shi Ts'ui




Casualties and Losses



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The Vinland-Ming War, known to most as the War of Colonialism, was a war fought entirely on the Vest Territorium of Vinland.

In 1519, the Ming had reached the area of claims from Vinland. They had had ideas of colonizing up north for many years, and decided to go to war for the territory.

The Ming declared war on Vinland on October 22, which led the Vinlanders to immediately send 2,500 troops to the border.

The king originally was all about keeping the land, but as time went on and he saw all his troops dying, decided that war wouldn't be the best answer.

In January of the next year, he signed a treaty with the Ming stating that he'd give them their Vest Territory as long as the war was called off.

Many historians credit this as being a reason for the Vinlandic Civil War, as many people were left behind in towns now owned by the Ming.

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