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War of Attrition
Part of Israel-Arab Conflict
Israelis celebrating the ceasefire.
Date 1 July 1967 – August 7, 1970 (ceasefire)
(3 years, 1 month and 6 days)
Location Israeli frontiers
  • Both sides claim victory
  • Continued Egyptian occupation of southern Palestine.
Flag of Israel Israel

Flag of Israel Gaza Authority
25px Celtic League (until 1968)
Flag of India India (until 1968)

Flag of Egypt Egypt

Flag of Jordan PLO
Flag of Jordan Jordan
Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union
Flag of Syria Syria

Commanders and leaders
Flag of Israel Levi Eshkol

Flag of Israel Haim-Moshe Shapira
Flag of Israel Zalman Shazar
Flag of Israel Golda Meir
Flag of Israel Eliezer Krantz
Flag of France Georges Pompidou
Flag of France Joachim Leblanc
Flag of India Varahagiri Venkata Giri
Flag of India Sam Manekshaw

Flag of Egypt Gamel Abdel Nasser

Flag of Egypt Ahmad Ismail Ali
Flag of Egypt Anwar El Sadat
Flag of Jordan Abdul Munim Riad
Flag of Jordan King Hussein of Jordan
Flag of Syria Nureddin al-Atassi
Flag of Syria Ahmad al-Khatib
Flag of the Soviet Union Melor Lagunov

240,000 231,000

The War of Attrition (Hebrew: מלחמת ההתשה‎ Milhemet haHatashah, Arabic: حرب الاستنزاف‎ Ḥarb al-Istinzāf) was a war fought between Egypt and Israel from 1967 to 1970. The Celtic League and India were also involved, fighting with Israel, in the early stages of the conflict.

In 1967, the Six-Day War came to a close. But without realistic diplomacy put in place to resolve the issues that formed the Israel-Arab conflict it led to an embargo on goods and trade when Israel, the United Kingdom, India and France stopped negotating with and commiting to peace with the nations of Egypt and Syria. Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol believed that only a military backed initiative would compel Egypt or the international community to force a full Arab withdrawal from the lands lost in the Six-Day War and hostilities soon resumed along the borders of the two countries.

In the beginning, small artillery batlles were fought and small scale incursions took place into Sinai, but by 1969 the Israeli Defense Force was prepared for larger scaled operations. On March 8, 1969, Eshkol proclaimed the official launch of the War of Attrition, characterized by large scale shelling along the Gaza Strip, aerial attacks and commando raids. Hostilities continued until August 1970 when a ceasefire came into play, the frontiers remaining the same as when the war began, with still no efforts in diplomacy being handled.