American Revovlution
War of 1812


American Civil War


Cold War (1864-1932)
Anglo-American War (1933-1935)

War of 1861

19 November, 1861


8 December, 1863


North America


Military Stalemate:

  • Michigan hand over to the British colony of Canada
  • American Civil War resumes

Flag of the United Kingdom British Empire

  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Flag of the United Kingdom Canada

Flag of France France

US flag 34 stars United States
CSA FLAG 4.3.1861-21.5.1861 Confederate States


Flag of the United Kingdom Victoria
Flag of the United Kingdom Viscount Palmerston
Flag of the United Kingdom Lord Campbell
Flag of the United Kingdom Lord Granville
Flag of the United Kingdom W.R. Bull
Flag of France Napoleon III
Flag of France Emile Oliver

US flag 34 stars Abraham Lincoln
US flag 34 stars Hannibal Hamlin
US flag 34 stars Ulysses S. Grant
US flag 34 stars William T. Sherman
CSA FLAG 4.3.1861-21.5.1861 Jefferson Davis
CSA FLAG 4.3.1861-21.5.1861 Robert E. Lee
CSA FLAG 4.3.1861-21.5.1861 Joseph E. Johnston


British Empire: 2,220,000

  • British Army
  • Royal Marines
  • Royal Navy

France: 2,120,000

  • French Army
  • French Marines
  • French Navy

USA: 2,100,000:

  • Union Army
  • Union Marines
  • Union Navy

CSA: 1,064,000

  • Confederate Army
  • Confederate Navy
  • Confederate Marines
Casualties and Losses


  • 115,000 Dead
  • 25,000 Wounded
  • 5,000 Missing


  • 109,000 Dead
  • 21,000 Wounded
  • 990 Missing


  • 115,000 Dead
  • 19,000 Wounded
  • 1,000


  • 111,000 Dead
  • 21,000 Wounded
  • 1,100 Missing

The War of 1861 is a war fought between the British Empire and the United States of America as part of a series of conflicts between the two nations know as the Anglo-American Wars. The war was fought from 1861 to 1863, a few months after the beginning of the American Civil War.

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