The War of 1844 ('1844.1–1844.11') was an open war fought between forces of the English Imperium the

Mexican priests leave their missionary town in threat of invasion by the English.

Mexican Armed Forces.


Span:January 13, 1844-November 21, 1844

Location: Western English Imperium, Southern English Imperium, Mexica

Outcome: Treaty of Mexica City, English troops leave Mexica, English Imperials annex Florida.

Belligerents: Side 1: English Imperium, French Empire Side 2: Mexica

Strength: Side 1: 8000 Troops Side 2: 6000 Troops

Casualties: Side 1: 7100 Troops and Civilians, Side 2: 8900 Troops and Civilians


Having just attained independence from Spain in the 1830's, Mexico was fraught with internal struggles that verged on war with other countries. However, it was relatively united in refusing to recognize the English annexation of the Mexican province of Tejas. Mexico threatened war with the English Imperial government if it annexed Tejas. Meanwhile, English Ambassador Davis spirit of to re-annex conquered territory by the Mexicans was focusing imperial interest on westward expansion.

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