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War Zone is an emo death punk band from ANZC. The band consists of Marcus Fields (lead vocals and lead guitar); Spencer Hytimor (rhythm vocals and rhythm guitar); Zack Kimmel (bass); Logan Parker (keyboards); Kevin Sampson (drums). The Band formed back in high school in the tenth grade in 2007. By the time they graduated high school, they had signed with Dragon records to release their debut album. As of 2014 they have three albums.


High School

Kevin Sampson was given a flyer for the upcoming talent show next month. Thinking of what he was going to do he realises that he could play the drums for the talent show. Then he also realises that he needs a band to help him out at the talent show. He asks all the people he knew that could play music out of his friends and chooses: Marcus Fields, Spencer Hytimor, Zack Kimmel, and Logan Parker from the people auditioning. Auditions were held in his parents basement since it was the biggest area in his house. After the band was put together they worked on two things, the name for their band and their first song. They finally came up with the name War Zone, because the Earth was the military's War Zone. The band worked hard for three weeks with their first song call "Please Don't Die". When it came to the big night they were so happy. The band took third place in the talent show. Throughout the rest of High School they worked on their first album called "Broken Society". One month after they graduated from High School, they were playing at a local bars, when the head of Dragon records heard this band that was playing at bar. He was at the right moment in time. After listening to the band play, he came up to them and asked if they would like to sign a contract. They said yes and they were aboard Dragon records. He had found his next big hit.
Delsin rowe by guitar sound-d6ppcod

Kevin Sampson

First Album

When they first got to the studio, Kevin gave a piece of paper to one of the people to show them all their songs in their first album. They worked hard for the next year working on their first album, getting everything right. The band worked on songs for their album called "I'm To Far Away From You", "The Evil Within Me", and " Remembering The Past". Their first album had 12 songs on it. After working for a whole year on their first album, They planned to tour the ANZC.

Music Styles





Broken Society

  1. Please Don't Die
  2. I'm To Far Away From You
  3. The Evil Within Me
  4. Remembering The Past
  5. Empty Space
  6. The Slaves Of Earth
  7. Killing Machines
  8. Created Mind
  9. 3 Points Of Doom
  10. Taking Out The Light
  11. Life's Is To Long To Throw Away
  12. Give Me More Food

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