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Welcome to the Portal Page for the War Machines timeline, a WW-II timeline where the war was fought with large war machines!


  • Charles Darwin devotes his life to learning about evolution. He lives for another decade. During his last two months alive, he discovers DNA.
  • The American Civil War is prevented. The South remains an economic powerhouse, even though slavery is abolished.
  • Germany does not go into as far a debt in WW-I.
  • The Ottoman Empire continues as an underground society in the Sahara Desert... literally!
  • Ninjitsu becomes a major practice in Japan.
  • Mao Zedong dies.

This means...

  • People began to discover genetic engineering before WWII. Britain uses war beasts to fight. Bombs give way to chemicals and viruses.
  • Germany regains prosperity. Gigantic war machines are invented in 1925. Germany becomes a 'steampunk' nation. Hitler is not elected. He kills the winner and leads Germany into a civil war. Hitler's Nazi Germany wins.
  • The Great Depression doesn't hit America as hard. Ford begins developing huge war machines, mainly tanks.
  • The Ottoman Empire steals a few war machines from Germany and fixes and duplicates them. In 1935 they launch a surprise attack against Turkey using the war machines. Turkey is terrified of the war machines and surrenders in late 1936.
  • France, seeing Germany's prosperity by using 'steampunk' technology, adopts the technology.
  • Japan trains neo-ninjas. The invasion of China goes farther. The Kamikazis are put to shame.
  • Most Catholic nations, against Britain's genetic engineering, forbid the use of genetic engineering.


Coming soon

List of Notable War Machines


Griffin- Airplane

Phoenix- Bomber

Cerberus- Guard

Poison Dart Frog- Sniper/Recon



The Goliath at display in the Museum of Warfare in Washington DC.

Ford Goliath- Tank/Mobile Base

Ford Maximus- Walking Tank



The German Walker GB- 1207 during the German Civil War.

Walker- A walking tank

Spider MKI- Walker in spider form. Abandoned after Ottoman strike

SS- Crowd control/used in Holocaust

Mobile Incinerator- Used in Concentration camps/battlefield


Steamer- Delivers blast of very hot steam (Slang name is French Toaster)


Crimson Assassin- Neo Ninja

Kamikaze- OTL

Ottoman Empire-

Spider Walker MK II-VI- Upgraded German Walkers


General Winter- Delivers super cold bullets

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