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Total up your number of infantry and divide it by 100. Then you need to times it by the quality listed below:

0,3 - Guys with sticks

0,5 - Trained guys with sticks/non-trained guys with low quality weapons 

0,7 - Militia (Generally low quality troops but OK)

0,9 - Paramilitary

1 - Reservists

1,25 - Full Time soldiers

1,4 - Full Time soldiers with battle experience

1,6 - Level 1 Special Forces (Royal Marines, Navy SEALs etc.)

1,75 - Level 2 Special Forces (SAS, Spetsnaz etc.)

Then tally this score up!


For tanks, divide the number you have by 3 and then times it by the quality below:

0,2 - Technical (Cars with MGs on top)

0,35 - Larger Technical/Out of Date Tank from WWI

0,5 - WWII Tank/10 Year old small Tank 

0,75 - Gun Truck/Modern but lower quality Tank

1,25 - State of the Art 

With this, it might not be clear. So use your own guess and I will double check. Once you have the score add it onto the infantry score.



For Aircraft, just times the number of them you have by one of the below:

0,1- Biplane of any form

0,45 - Interwar Monoplane or a Recon plane

0,6 - 1940- 1942 plane

0,7 - Monoplane after 1942 

0.8 - Large Monoplane Bomber

0,95 - Jet Fighter

1,15 - State of the Art


+18 for a large aircraft carrier

+14 for a small aircraft carrier

+11 for a battleship

+9 for a battle cruiser

+7 for a heavy cruiser

+5 for a light cruiser

+3 for a destroyer or armed merchant ship

+1 for patrol craft

+1 for 3 gunboats

+1 for every large shore battery the defender has

-3 if they have been at sea for a while

-3 if they don't like their officers

-5 if they really don't like their officers

-6 for a press ganged crew

-2 for a freshly trained crew

+1 for a mixed trainer crew

+5 for a battle hardened crew

+5 if they believe in what they are doing

Then tally up the scores and add on these things:

-6 If you lost your last battle.

-5 If you are outnumbered by a large margin.

-4 For bad supplies,

+2 For good supplies.

+3 If you like your country or if you're defending a mildly good position.

+5 If you believe in your cause.

+7 If you're defending a good position.

+9 If you're fighting to death.

+11 If you're defending a great position. 

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