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The Wandal (or Vandal) Empire is located in the east continent (Esumar) and the central islanda (Wisumar). The wandals are tall, their hair is usually brown or black, their eyes are brown and their skin is also pale.

Lurestos is the most peaceful region, the wandals live in villages and cities under the rule of the nobility, Borelos is totally different, semi-nomadic tribes living in small villages, leaving their villages during months to hunt in the north, the Borelos people is a lot more warrior than their northern neighbors, there is no real nobility between the Borelos, intelligence, physical strength, charisma, astuteness (cunning) and any other ability is enough to rise within the hierarchy. Only the most charismatic warriors and strategists can lead and entire army to war, and that happen.


The primitive wandals worship their ancestors and the earth spirits (similar to nymphs or dryads). A dead person can only turn in an ancestor if his body is either burned or eat by wild animals. The people who didn't become an ancestor properly become evil ghosts.

But now the wandals have at least three different major religions, Septs, the Old Ones and the Reborn Craken:

Faith of the Seven

The Septs are both polytheistic and monotheistic, many Septs believe in Seven Gods, but many others worship a single deity with seven aspects, both currents are tied to strong to exist discord, a Sept easily accepts anyone from the other set of believes, the Seven Gods or Seven Aspects are: Father, Mother, Warrior, Maiden, Smith, Crone and Stranger. The Faith is the principal religion of Lurestos' wandals, but the west cities of Borelos and the Wisumar inland villages also are full of believers.

Old Ones

The cult to the Old Ones is the second largest religion in the Wandal Empire, its basically the primitive wandals ancestors and earth spirits worship plus a great appreciation of the values of the warriors. It's not an organized religion and every village usually have totally different cult manners, but the heart of the religion is the same in all towns. Many Shamans in the south villages and tribes (the less developed people in the whole Empire) teach a pantheistic version of this religion.

Reborn Craken

The Reborn Craken is present in the sea-centered wandals, is mostly follow by sailors, fishers, merchants, travelers, mercenaries, outcasts, shipbuilders, wisumaros and generally everyone who live near the water even the Wisumar Merchants Guild. The Reborn Craken teach that in the first days, there was only one god, who creates the Earth and everything else, he creates two sons for himself, Craken and Zezus, but Zezus killed his brother because he was jealous, then the old god killed his son and break him in thousand of fragments who fall in the Earth creating the humankind (yes, the humans are fragments of a son of god), then he recreate Craken using his ashes and send him back to Earth to judge the humankind and rule the Oceans and all the water. So every human had a debt with Craken and the Rebon Craken Cult is the only one who can teach us how to pay that debt to avoid revenge and justice.


The Wandal Empire is more like a confederacy between the north wandals (Lurestos) and the south wandals (Borelos) and the islanders (Wisumaros), all of these groups share the same culture, religion and history, but were usually governed by different groups, The Lurestos by Kings and nobility, Borelos by the Warmasters and chief warriors, and the Wisumaros by the richest islanders. But in 900 BC, the Warmaster Reigo unified Borelos and Lurestos (by marriage and war) and the Governor Gobla of Wisumar recognized his authority as Emperor. The Emperor have most of the power, all the aristocrats and merchants have to obey him, and the southern warriors have to serve him. The succession is the usual father-son.


Most of the Wandal Empire's Army is cavalry, both, islanders and southern fight in horses, using axes, bows, spears, javelins, swords and shields. Both, Light and heavy cavalry are common in the army. The southern wandals never fight on foot, but the islanders have a force of infantry that is used in the places were the horses can't access. The northern wandals typically use more heavy and light infantry, flanked by some few heavy cavalry units. The southern light cavalry is known by the "shoot and run" tactic, shooting arrows and javelins to the enemy and then running away from the enemy weapons range.


ULMAp wandals

Wandal names

The Wandals are find in the east continent (Esumar) and central island (Wisumar), the Wandals inhabit a plain between the desert Deserbalos and the Roquies Mountains, most of the Wandals live in the north, in the plain called Lurestos, many other wandals live in the almost desertic Borelos. There are also many wandals living in Wisumar and the coast of Esumar. (Only the known places to the Wandals have name, for now).


  • 6400 BC: The wandals totally obliterated their traditional enemies, the Oshus, expanding their territory and starting to domesticate wild horses.
  • 6300 BC: The wandals finally evolve to a semi-sedentary agricultural society, first farms are build, stone axes and bows are created.
  • 6200 BC: The wandals destroy another enemy tribe and domesticate wolves.
  • 6100 BC: The wandals domesticate goats, build corrals (pens) and build stone houses.
  • 6000 BC: The wandals hunt elks, and expand south, the warriors start gaining importance in the wandal society, the wandals begin to grow crops of cereals.
  • 900 BC: The Warmaster Reigo unifies the three different wandal groups, a weird people is found in Wisumar (Arkhavan?) and the Wandals are now the Wandal Empire.
  • 800 BC: The wandals discover iron. The wisumaros expand 150 sq km south and one exploration group attack a clan of bronze-users, the wandals using cavalry rob a ship and flee. Another group find the Arkhavan and ask trade relations, the arkhavan accepts. The first Reborn Craken temple is build in Braa.
  • 700 BC: The Aesir start a pirate campaign against our trade ships, the warriors made a revenge and attack somo villages, the western continent is discover. Escort ships are build.

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