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Wamash is the second-largest city in the state of Pacifica and is a part of the Quad-Cities Metropolitan region in the Fraser River's delta in southwest Pacifica. Wamash had, according to preliminary indications from the 2010 census, a population of about 301,000, representing a growth of about 13,000 people from 2000.

Wamash, while not as populous as nearby Sahalee or home of a financial hub like Kirktown, is a major port city, due to its location on Indian Island and Sea Island in the Fraser Delta. Wamash is the poorest of the four "Quad-Cities" and is known for a generally blue-collar, working class populace servicing its harbor, as well as a vibrant immigrant culutre, though the northern downtown across the North Fraser Arm from the city of Fraser has gentrified in recent years. The city is near Alaskan War Memorial International Airport, which services the greater Quad-Cities area.

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