585px-Wallonia and its claims.svg

the region of Wallonia in Belgium

The Walloon Riots were a series of rallies and riots in the Walloon region of the Kingdom of Belgium throughout the start of the twentieth century, most notably between 1902 and 1916, but strongest between 1913 and the outbreak of the Great War in 1915. Led by a "loud minority" of Walloons, especially around the cities of Mons and Arlon, looking for Rattachisme. Originally a method for autonomy by some French-born members of the Belgian Labour Party (originally mostly led by Jules Destrée), it eventually moved to the far-right and became explicitly intrincate with the ideals of Boulangisme, Rattachisme and union with the Drumontian Kingdom of France. The Walloon riots would eventually result in the Battle of Mons and the Belgian Ultimatum thereof, eventually resulting in the invasion of Belgium by France and the start of the Great War.

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