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The Wallonian Civil War or German-Wallonia War was a conflict between the German Empire and Wallonian rebels which ended in an German Victory.

Pre-War Events

After the Great War, many Frenchmen felt humiliated of there defeat. France had lost three wars to Germany in a row and was putting pressure upon them. In 1935 the first sign of resistance against Germany began to show after a bomb plot against one of Germany's greatest generals. France took the opportunity and in early 1936 they sneaked a Far right French general called Moreau Corviscia with a small batch of soldiers. Moreau marched into Antwerp with his army and declared Wallonia's independence and showed this by executing the local leaders. Local French Wallonians supported Moreau, with many saying that he would help them enact revenge upon the Germans and so the war began.

The Ardennes Front

The first battles of the war were fought in the Ardennes mountains and forest, much to the Germans dis-advantage. Moreau had lead the Germans into there own demise. A French soldier in the Ardennes would camouflage himself and would await for a German(s) to come by. The French use of Guerrilla Warfare lead to the demise of the 72nd Division.

The Brabant Front

After the German retreat from the Ardennes, the 72nd Division regrouped and headed for the Walloon Brabant province. When the supplies did arrive, the 72nd was rearmed and ready to engage the enemy. Moreau heard the news of the German being resupplied and thought it to be untrue; instead decided that a full scale attack would be made on Wavre and the 72nd would fall apart. The 72nd's scouts were able to spot the division and warned the 72nd of the coming attack. When the French army reached Wavre, they found a stunning surprise; the Germans were prepared. Street fights began to develop as the French die-hards slowly began to enter the city and the Germans soon retreated. The French celebrated only to be interrupted by the bulk of the 72nd, which was now surrounding the city. Like a snake, the Germans began to swallow the French Rat and 23 days later, the Rat had been consumed. By now, the pressure on Moreau was beginning to increase, a large bulk of his army had been eliminated and was forced to retreat to his new base.

The Final Front: Hainaut

The 72nd had achieved a stunning victory and the war was begining to come to a close (more to come)

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