The Kingdom of Wallonia and Bavaria: 1900-1971

United by Queen Marie-Sophie in 1900, Wallonia and Bavaria was a Catholic nation and an absolute monarchy. As a neutral state in the First World War Wallonia and Bavaria was able to keep its economy afloat during the interwar. The nation was an ally of Italy, Spain, France, Slovakia and Poland by 1924. Marie-Sophie died on 04/21/1925 leading to a day of national mourning. Her son Prince Alexander is crowned King Alexander the First of Wallonia and Bavaria. On 09/03/1929 the stock market crashed. On 09/24/1929 King Alexander makes Wallonia and Bavaria into a constitutional monarchy after an attempt on his life. Elections are held for Parliament on 01/02/1930. The major parties are the Partie Wallonne de Reforme with 110 seats and the Katholische Anschluß-Partei/Partie Catholique des Syndicats with 90 Seats. In 1936 King Alexander died of heart failure Prince Noah became King Noah the First. After its invasion by Dietsland and Deutscher Staat the King Noah escaped to Italy with his wife. His oldest daughter Princess Marie and her son Prince Athanaric were killed in a bombing raid on Franckroi. An underground Freedom movement began after Walloon and Bavarian partition.

In 1943 Wallonia was liberated by the French Empire while Bavaria was liberated in 1947 by Russo-Slovakian Troops. It was admitted into The League of World Nations in 1957. King Noah died in 1963. His brother Prince Nazaire becomes King Nazaire the First of Wallonia and Bavaria.

In 1971 the Kingdom was split into the Republic of Wallonia and the Kingdom of Bavaria. King Nazaire became King of Bavaria.

Facts about Le royaume de Wallonie et de Bavière/Das Königreich Wallonien und Bayern.

Capital: Franckroi/Franzkönig


  1. Queen Marie-Sophie : 1900-1925
  1. King Alexander : 1925-1934
  1. King Noah : 1934-1963
  1. King Nazaire : 1959-1971

Currency: Frack/Franz, Roimonnaie/Königmünzen

Government: Absolute Monarchy: 1900-1929, Constitutional Monarchy:1929-1971

Formally: Kingdom of Wallonia, Duchy of Bavaria

Religion: Roman Catholic

Economy: Agriculture

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