Wallonia is short for The Kingdom of Wallonia. Before the Kingdom it was a region in The Netherlands inhabited by Walloons, a French speaking people.

The Kingdom of Wallonia gained independence in 1842 as a Small Catholic Nation. The Independence happened after the end of the Wallon Revolution or The War of Independence/La guerre de l'independance :1838-1842. After the War of Independence, Wallonia decided to become a Monarchy. They elected Prince Francis of The Two Sicilies to become Francois the First, King of the Walloons. Francois/Francis ruled from 1842 until his death in 1900. His Wife Princess Marie-Sophie of Bavaria became Queen Marie-Sophie of Wallonia and Bavaria a new Kingdom uniting the large Catholic German State and the smaller French Catholic State.

Wallonia resurfaced in 1971 when they split Wallonia and Bavaria in half with the new nations of Republic of Wallonia and the Kingdom of Bavaria.

Here are some facts about the Kingdom of Wallonia :1842-1900

Capital: Franckroi/Charleroi

Ruler: King Francois the First :1842-1900

Currency: Franck, Roimonnaie

Language: French

Government: Absolute Monarchy.

Formerly: Commonwealth of the Wallons in the Netherlands.

Religion: Roman Catholic

Economy: Agriculture

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