This page is for players who are either blocked or are removed from the game. When somebody is blocked then the player may apply on here. Also voting on whether that player should be blocked from this game will occur on here. This is how it should ALWAYS be set out ...

Player's name who's being blocked

Explain why that person is may be blocked and suggest length of time the player should be blocked for. Then signature.


Mods vote whether that player should be banned. If it's a majority 'no' then remove the block. If a mod changes their decision then they can change it. The person being prosecuted in a ban cannot vote in the vote for his ban, and someone who's been banned can not vote.

Player Application 

This is where the player can apply to reverse the mods' decision. (Don't delete this)


Blocked permanently for doing algos without permission, potential sockpuppeting, and rascism and General implausibility. Also, suspected of starting the new turn and adding biased mod events by supergamer1.

I think he should be banned or he should at least he should apologize to me and Kaori. This is because he accuses me of being "implausible", aka, 10% GDP growth is "implausible". And he thinks Kaori is my alt, without any proof, besides us living within the same time zone. I never stated I have a nuclear bomb (I tested the nuclear bomb, that doesn't mean the test is successful) and I never said China "modernized", in fact, its not even close to modernizing. Skaori has reasons why he gifted it to me. First of all, it's easier to import raw materials (raw materials was the reason Japan invaded East Asia in the first place) than to invade other countries and get their resources. Second of all, China will become a buffer state between the Soviet Union and Japan. Third, he sold the Philippines to me. And remember the Treaty of Nanjing? It stated Japan will give North Indochina to me. Hong Kong and Macau are under Japanese influence. I am really pissed off right now. I never did anything wrong. ~ Candiesrgood

No it didn't you liar the Treaty of Nanking doesn't give you all the territories you mention and many times you have asked Japan for Korea. I have proof and Japan is always saying to you OK whatever you may ask ... even if you asked for the OTL Japan, Japan was still gonna give it to you. Anyway, this game is totally implausible, you're all lowlifes (namely Candie, Super, Kaori (his sockpuppet)) and I am out of here. There are still some serious people in the game and you are destroying the game for them.

The scores are 6 vs 1. How are you gonna get your way?



  • Tao64
  • Candiesrgood (NEWURAL'S WRTO'S ALT mshar7dsga)
  • AH28


Wrto12 Application 


Thinks the games a joke. He is not here to play just to destroy the game and make fun of us. He has told me that he will join the game because it's ASB - Biased - and he will conquer the USA and then America. Anyway, he accidentally discovered the nuclear bombs so he says this is completely ASB - Biased. He is a disgrace to the whole game and I say ban him permanently.



  • Wrto12


  • Tao64 (I'm only warning him) (the mods count as two, due to having higher rank than the normal players).
  • AH28 (One more then he's banned for five turns).

Well, at least to that we kind of agree.

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