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Principality of Wales
Tywysogaeth Cymru
Timeline: Trainwreck

OTL equivalent: Wales
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Welsh, English
Government Constitutional monarchy, democracy
  legislature Parliament
Prince Harry
Prime Minister Tom Jones
Area 20,779 sq km
8,022 sq mi 
Population 3,064,000 
Established 1057 (Unification)

1990 (Republic)
1994 (Principality)

Independence from the United Kingdom
  declared January 1, 1990
Currency Pound sterling
Time Zone UTC
  summer UTC+1
Internet TLD .cmu
Calling Code +44
Organizations New Commonwealth
The Principality of Wales is a country in Europe, located on the island of Great Britain. It shares its only land border with the Kingdom of England to the east.

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