Waldemar "Cicero" V of Brandenburg, of the Ascanian dynasty, was born in 1560 as the son of Margrave Waldemar (nicknamed "Plutarch") IV and his wife. He became margrave quite early, at the age of eighteen years.

For his capability, he was elected Roman king in 1612 and became emperor-elect in 1619 as well.

In 1640, he joined the Baltic League with Sweden, Prussia and Franconia-Pomerania, for the fear that king François IV of France was getting too much influence in the HRE.

He died in 1648 and was succeeded by his son Heinrich IV, who would govern the country as able as he did, and also opposed François IV. The latter was successful however in that he had his relative Charles / Károly IV of Hungary elected next Roman king.

United Baltic Duchy flag   Member States of the Baltic League (Chaos TL)   United Baltic Duchy flag
Member States

Brandenburg-Silesia | Franconia-Pomerania | Prussia | Sweden-Norway-Mecklenburg

Prominent Rulers
(founding members in italics)

Dietrich IV | Erik XVII | Johann VIII | Kristina I | Waldemar "Cicero" V

Predecessor: Waldemar Ascanian (Chaos) Successor:
Eduard I Waldemar

Roman king of the HRE

Waldemar "Plutarch" IV Waldemar "Cicero" V

Margrave of Brandenburg

Heinrich IV

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