Wacky World is a map game about a wacky world.


  1. Be pleasant to others, people don't like their game being ruined.
  • Any conquered lands have their inhabitants, and they must be dealt with.
  • If a nation is inactive then it is considered to have become isolationist and is fair game for conquering and attacking. However, there will be resistance.
  • If you are new, you may start the game in the turn that you joined.
  • Not everyone can have an industrialized, liberal, stable, peaceful nation.
  • Unless your nation has been annexed in a war or vassalized as a result of war (see the mods for the last one), you may not switch nations.

Backstory (Might be ABS)

1914: WW1 begins with the U.S staying out.

1919: WW1 ends with the Central Powers destroyed.

1920: The U.S begins to spread out mostly in the South.

1929: The great depression happens mostly hitting Germany and the U.S.

1930 the Nazi Party takes power in Germany.

1932: The Nazi party takes power in Northern Japan and goes to war taking unmarked lands.

1934: Japan,South China, Manchuria,and The pacific lands goes to war with North Japan.

1936: North Japans takes over Manchuria and half of Japan and parts of south east Asia.

1938: Germany takes over parts of Europe using lighting war and goes to war with France,Poland,and UK. Japan takes over Japan and The pacific Lands spreading to South East Asia.

1942:France and Poland falls to Germany also attacks USSR. North Japan attacks the Republic of Block, North Block, Republic of California, and Texas using water bomb balloons with hopes of spreading out into the Americas. Republic of Block, North Block, Republic of California, and Texas declare war on North Japan and Germany The U.S declares war on Germany .

1943: The war turns in the favor of the allies and begin to kick Germany and North Japan butts and begins an invasion of France and Japan.

1946: The Republic of California,Texas,US,and UK drop 6 nuclear bombs on Germany and North Japan ending the WW2

1949: USSR test it first nuclear weapon.


Main Mod: Me (Bozistanball)

Co Mod: 

Co Mod:


(I won't put every country on the list but add it in if you want to play as that country. I am only putting alternate countries on the list but you can add real countries that don't have Different borders)



Republic of California


North Block

Republic of Block


Republic of Florida

Republic of Alaska

Republic of Indiana -Seiga



Northern Japan


The Pacific Lands

South India



South China


North Persia

South Pakistan


Saudi Arabia



North Syria

South Syria


Arabian sate: Bozistanball


South Africa

Republic of Egypt

South Egypt

East Libya

West Libya


People Republic of Atlantis- Zlello

South Atlantis

Islamic Republic of Atlantis







Wa nation

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