Wai'l al-Mustafa ibn Ali (Arabic: وائل مصطفى آل بن علي, born October 1, 1967) is an Iraqi politician and militant leader who is the current leader of the Al-Ma'arri Front of Iraq, Iraq's national branch of the Al-Ma'arri Front or the People's Arab Socialist Party. The AMF's job is to fight Islamic militants trying to topple Iraq's government.

Wa'il is an Iraqi Christian of Chaldean-Assyrian descent, and was born into an assimilated Chaldean Christian family that were victims of Islamic militants. He considers himself both Arab and Assyrian. 

He was a former member of the Iraqi Communist Party, and had an avid hate for Islamic militants. During Operation Desert Storm, he fought American forces and supported the regime of Saddam Hussein. During the emergence of ISIL, or ISIS, he led civilian armed opposition groups, to target both ISIS forces and American forces.

Wa'il al-Mustafa ibn Ali is known to be one of the AMR's fierciest fighters, embarking on a policy of "no mercy". Often after defeating ISIS fighters, AMR fighters under his leadership often severe the heads of ISIS fighters and celebrate over their dead bodies. Leaders of the eastern powers often consider him a patriotic vigilante of Iraq, however western nations and those under their influence view him as a terrorist and Arab leaders such as those of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait consider him a disturbed anarchist.

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