This timeline explores the possibility of a Central Powers Victory at the conclusion of World War I.

The primary Point of Divergence (POD) between this timeline and OTL is the lack of the Zimmerman Note on January 16, 1917 and an end to unrestricted warfare after protests by the United States. German Kaiser Wilhelm II and his military leaders realized that it would be very difficult to defeat the Allied Powers if the United States joined.

Another POD is that, unlike in OTL, the Russian provisional government seeks to end the war, rather than continue it. In OTL, one of the Provisional Government's aims was to continue the war effort, although the Russians eventually backed down after the Bolsheviks took over after the October Revolution in late 1917. Eventually, in OTL, this led the the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk on March 3, 1918.

This allowed the Germans to devote more troops to the Western Front, beginning in 1917 rather than 1918. Combined with the lack of the involvement of the United States, this allows the Central Powers the boost they need to win World War I.

NOTE: I will be adding to this as I go along, so over the coming days/weeks/months more articles will be added. It is also possible that I may extend this timeline past World War I and explore the post-war era.

This is my first attempt at making something like this, so this may not be up to par with some of the best timelines on this site, but I'm trying my best!

List of Events

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