A sudden technological breakthrough resulting in nuclear warheads which focus radiation exclusively on the target zone, along with better missile defense, ends the fear preventing WW-III. The world quickly chooses sides; The USSR invades Europe and enters combat with the USA for Africa, while China moves in to crush the fledgling Pacific Federation.


-1945: Allied forces detonate a "dirty" nuclear warhead in what remains of the 3rd Reich. Within a few days, the Empire of Japan surrenders. The Second World War is over.

-1946: The United States of America grants independence to the Pacific Territories it acquired during the war. Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines and many other islands form the Pacific Federation. Australia and the Pacific Federation scramble to draw borders in Indonesia. The global economy crashes: the USSR blames this on Capitalism, the West on Nationalism.

-1947: The British Commonwealth grants independence to its territories in the Middle East. The Democratic Caliphate of Arabia is formed.

-1948: The Zionist movement pushing for a return to Israel grudgingly accepts DCA rule. The province of Palestine is granted complete religious freedom; soon, most of the Christian, Jewish and other minority groups have settled there.
-1949: The USSR tests its first Nuclear Warhead in Siberia, much to the surprise of the West.

-1950: Formation of the Democratic Geneva Union by Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy.

-1951: A popular movement for a stronger France is elected.

-1952: Norway and France, along with the few remaining French colonial territories, merge into the Francophone Commonwealth.

-1953: North Vietnam and South Vietnam cut all diplomatic ties. North Vietnam and North Korea are increasingly impoverished.

-1954: The Atlantic Economic Treaty is established to help the US and Europe recover from the economic crash. It is signed by the Democratic Geneva Union, United Kingdom, Francophone Commonwealth, Dominion of Canada, United States of America and Spain.

-1955: The People's Republic of China annexes North Vietnam.

-1956: The Democratic Caliphate of Arabia is made rich by new oil discoveries.

-1957: Most African states and territories are merged into the African Union. The AU joins the AET.

-1958: A communist uprising in Cuba is crushed with US aid.

-1959: The Pacific Federation and British Commonwealth are allowed to join the Atlantic Economic Treaty.

-1960: A rebellion in Georgia is crushed by the USSR within days. China annexes North Korea.

-1961: Uigheristan secedes from China. China moves in to protect its oil interests; and despite DCA aid, the rebellion is crushed.

-1962: The Atlantic Economic Treaty is replaced by the United Democratic Confederacy. The UDA functions somewhat similar to the USSR, but is made up of capitalist, democratic states.

-1963: USSR satellites enter Earth orbit. UDC satellites follow. A "space race" begins.

-1964: A civil war erupts in Palestine. Formation of the Sovereign Republic of Israel.

-1965: The Sovereign Republic of Israel joins the UDC. End of the Israeli War of independence.

-1966: The UDC builds the Global Satellite Defense Network. The USSR forms its own version.

-1967: UDC scientists manage to create the first "clean" nuclear weapon, capable of focusing all fallout and radiation on a single city. The USSR suddenly achieves the same breakthrough. Soviet spies are discovered to permeate Europe.

-1968: The USSR Invades the Democratic Caliphate of Arabia, with no fear of UDC retaliation.

-1969: The USSR violates the Sovereign Republic of Israel's neutrality. The UDC declares war on the USSR. The People's Republic of China invades the Pacific Federation, rapidly conquering Korea and Vietnam, and Invading Japan in conjunction with Russia. UDC offensive into Poland is repulsed.

-1970: Using the GDSN, the UDC strikes in the industrial center of Russia. A USSR counter stroke hits the USA. A "clean" nuclear exchange is used in the European Front. Japan barely holds; the Ukraine is invaded by the UDC.

-1971: UDC troops in the Ukraine are trapped and defeated, similar to the fall of France in WW2. Barely any escape. USSR forces invade the Democratic Geneva Union. Japan is bombed to near destruction by both sides. The evacuation of Japan will go on to become a folk legend. The African Front opens up with a USSR invasion.

-1972: Much of Africa falls to USSR tanks. "Clean" Nukes are used in such frequency that much of Poland and Switzerland become uninhabitable. This area will become known as the Great Wasteland.

-1973: Heavy fighting in Africa gradually pushed the USSR back. China's anti-nuclear warhead defense is found to be near non-existent: despite the horrific losses early in the War, the Pacific Federation can finally fight back.

-1974: The nuclear war heats up. The Great Wasteland expands towards the Middle East and central Russia, but destroys most of central Europe. Scattered destruction all over the globe results in the death of over half a billion.

-1975: China is devastated. Uigheristan and the DCA come back with a vengeance, destroying much of the USSR's economic resources.

-1976: The USSR surrenders. End of the "bloodiest war in history". The former USSR becomes the Democratic Eurasian Federation.

-1977: The world's economy crashes again, due to the sheer amount of resources now inaccessible. This time, though, the recovery is far faster.

-1979: The UDC has most nations on the planet under its control.

-1989: The UDC has all the nations of the world under its control.

-1995: The UDC breaks down all national borders and becomes the sole government on the planet.

-2007: The Invention of the Radiation Scrubber. Reclamation of territory lost in the War can finally begin.


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