WW-III (Version 2)

PODs (2): An accidental detonation of a US Atomic Bomb over New York prompts international response against nuclear weapons, even in the USSR. JFK and Khrushchev write an additional treaty after the Nuclear Test Ban treaty, reducing number of Nuclear Arms any one nation can have, called NART (Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty) to prevent any further catastrophe.

The August Coup against Gorbachev is successful, with the Red Army seizing control of Moscow. They reform the crumbling USSR under Gennady Yanayev. An immediate reclamation of all attempted breakaway republics occurs, followed by a blitzkrieg invasion of Afghanistan, which is ultimately successful to do the use of Chemical Weapons.

Alarmed by the newly aggressive USSR, NATO places large troop numbers, including several divisions of M1A1 Abrams hardened by the Gulf War, on the border between East and West Germany. The Soviets respond by drafting several hundred thousand troops and producing a fleet of T-72 tanks modified to fight against the Abrams.

On the first off December, 1991, the Soviet Union launches a massive invasion of Western Europe, simultaneously taking over the governments of Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The fighting rages, first on the border, then in France. The massive Soviet Army is crushing the NATO force in Europe, and when the Scandinavian SSR launches a sea-born invasion of Britain and Northern France (Operation: Thor's Hammer), NATO forces dissolve completely.

The US is not through yet, though. It launches an airborne assault on Moscow, comprised of the entirety of the US Army Special Forces, the US Army's Airborne Divisions and the USMC Recon Troops. The force parachutes into Moscow, taking over the city and imprisoning the majority of the Duma.

The remainder of the European Armed Forces are rallied, and counter-invade the Scandinavian SSR. The invasion is supported by anti-Communist guerrillas in Scandinavia and Germany, and eventually links up with the US force in Moscow.

The Soviet Union erupts in revolutions; the Soviet Army is overwhelmed by peasant revolt. The USSR dissolved into the Russian Federation and other modern nation.

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