March 3rd 2009: Russia invades Ukraine.

March 5th 2009: US Earthshield Orbital Defence platforms destroy Russian stolen Peacemakers.

May 21st 2009: The German Government declares war on Russia because of recent terrorist attacks on Berlin.

June 1st 2009: Finland, the UK, Poland, France, Spain, Ireland and Ukraine all declare war on Russia collectively.

June 12th 2009: Russia attacks Georgia.

June 15th 2009:UCFSN (United Coalition of Former Soviet Nations) is created out of the former Soviet republics, except Russia

June 17th 2009: UCFSN in Ukraine is shut down by Russia.

July 3rd 2009: Norway invades Iceland.

July 5th 2009: French terrorists detonate a bomb in the Red Square, Russia.

July 7th 2009: Russia declares war on France.

July 10th 2009: Hawaii declares Independence.

July 15th 2009: Siberia declares independence and merges with the USA.

August 4th 2009: Japan invades China, and North Korea launches a nuclear weapon at the US.

August 10th 2009: The US attacks North Korea without warning.

August 13th 2009: The US declares war on Japan, and forms an alliance with China.

August 15th 2009: Norway and Iceland sign a "Reduction of Hostilities."

September 2nd 2009: Russia invades Finland.

September 5th 2009: Russia invades Siberia.

September 7th 2009: The outnumbered and poorly trained Siberian forces surrender within days.

September 10th 2009: The US invades Russia.

September 15th 2009: US forces reach the Red Square.

September 20th 2009: Russia does not counterattack for some reason.

October 6th 2009: US retreats.

October 8th 2009: North Korea surrenders.

October 10th 2009: Russians regroup, and attack Scandinavia.

October 15th 2009: Russia invades Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Scotland, and Moldova.

October 17th 2009: Holland unites and attacks Germany.

October 21st 2009: Russia invades Germany.

October 31st 2009: Russia attacks France and the Balkans.

November 5th 2009: Over half of Europe is under Russian control.

November 10th 2009: Russia invades Spain, Iraq, and Iran.

November 15th 2009: Russia invades Mongolia and Portugal.

November 20th 2009: Russia invades the British Isles.

November 23rd 2009: Russia invades New Zealand.

November 25th 2009: Europe is now completely under Russian control.

December 5th 2009: Russia invades Africa, China, and Japan

December 10th 2009: The US nukes Moscow, and Russian forces crumble.

December 15th 2009: Occupied Nations blitz Russia.

December 17th 2009: UCFRS (United Coalition of Former Russian States) usurps control of the UCFSN.

December 20th 2009: US attacks Russia.

December 25th 2009: Within days, Russia is reduced to Moscow and a few miles out.

January 4th 2010: Russian forces surrender.

January 10th 2009: The UN flag is raised over the Red Square.

January 27th 2010: Russia-UN peace ceremony is attacked by terrorists.

To Be Continued...

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