In this Alternate History WW2 in Europe ends earlier while some actions with Japan are different.

1936 August- In Operation Interceptor British intelligence agents steal plans for a super battleship code named H44 from Germany. 1937 May- British Conservative Party holds elections to elect new Leader and Prime Minister. Unexpectedly Winston Churchill defeats Neville Chamberlain and becomes the New Prime Minster. June- In the midst of ever increasing naval expansion by Germany, Italy, and Japan. Churchill calls for a meeting to discuss amendments to the Washington Naval Treaty. August- Respective heads of states and representatives from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, China, and Australia meet in Vancouver where they create the Vancouver Naval treaty which removes certain restrictions on size and amounts of naval ships that can be produced.

1938 March- Germany in the Anschluss annexes Austria which becomes part of Germany. April- Mussolini and Hitler meet and discuss a coalition both men disagree on how or when to go to war. Mussolini is reluctant saying he wants to build up his military. The meeting ends in no agreement for a coalition between the two countries. June- President Roosevelt hosts the exiled Emperor Selassie of Ethiopia from the White House Selassie makes a speech calling upon the world to prevent the expansion of Fascism. August- Amid increasing demands by Hitler for the Sudetenland Churchill announces that the previously planned Munich Conference will not be attended by himself. September- Amid last minute calls to visit the conference by Lord Halifax the representative for UK at the conference Churchill makes a visit to the conference. After a heated argument with Hitler he flies back to the UK where he announces on the ground that there will be no agreement to hand the Sudetenland over to Germany. He announces publicly the next day that the Royal Navy has secretly been building a large warship for the last two years to counter German naval expansion which is almost complete and will be launched in 1939. He instructs and tasks Field Marshall Montgomery to organize plans to send troops to the Sudetenland to defend it from Germany. October- Hitler instructs his Generals to organize immediate plans to invade the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia. The invasion no must be called off after an internal power struggle within the Government pushes back the invasion to 1939.

1939 January- The largest Warship ever built the HMS Trafalgar based on stolen German plans is launched from its shipyard in the Shetland Islands. February- Prime minster Daladier of France announces that Colonel De Gaulle has been promoted to General and will become the commander of the French military, he also announces an expansion of a second Maginot Line which borders Belgium. April- Franco and the Fascists win Spanish Civil War. May- Germany launches an invasion of the Sudetenland but are surprised when they are attacked by British Forces which drive the still relatively small German force back across the border. Hitler is furious and orders generals to plan an invasion for July of Poland. June- Churchill and Daladier announce that they will go to war with Germany if they invade Poland. French tank forces under De Gaulle mobilize on the border with Germany. While the British expeditionary force under the command of Montgomery expands to Poland. HMS Trafalgar the new command ship of Task force A under command of Admiral Mountbatten launches a siege of the North Sea which cuts off most of the Kriegsmarine. July- Hitler launches two offensives an invasion of Poland, and an attack on the Maginot Line. For the first time the defenses of the Maginot line are displayed in combat. It works as the attack fails in a mere matter of hours as they are unable to breach the line or prevent the resulting counter offensive by de Gaulle who sends his forces into Germany. On the Polish Front It appears that Blitzkrieg is working as German forces relatively easily make there way into Poland towards Danzig what they don't realize is that Mountbatten and Montgomery have drawn the Germans into a trap in Danzig. One in the city Task Force A and The Trafalgar begin a bombardment of the city and German forces. The immense firepower of Trafalgar wipes out most of the frontline infantry and motorized units of the invasion force. After this Mountbatten and the expeditionary force come in forcing General Bock and his forces to retreat to a defensive line in Far Western Poland. August- The massive failure of both the invasion of Poland and the attack on the Maginot Line has resulted in not only in a massive loss of equipment and troops. But it has also resulted in a stalemate, and a loss of the Rhineland. On the Western front German forces were only able to stop de Gaulle when he reached the Western banks of the Rhine. While the Eastern Front defensive line is drawn up in the Sudeten Mountains and the Western Odra River in Poland. 1940 January- Hitler who is desperate meets with Mussolini and begs him to enter the war. Mussolini seeing the defense of Germany as a losing fight decides not to assist Germany. March- Chiang Kai-Shek travels to San Francisco where he meets with Roosevelt they decided that in order to counter Japan the US should supply China with equipment to kick the Japanese out of China. June- De Gaulle and his forces break the German line at the Rhine river taking Dusseldorf and Cologne the line is re-established at Bohn. Task Force A, meanwhile, launches a siege of Hamburg. July- The city of Hamburg falls Task Force A successfully sieges and bombards Hamburg. Under ever increasing pressure most of the Luftwaffe is grounded. September- Churchill orders British Intelligence to investigate and find a way to wreak havoc on the German Government. 1941 January- The Nazi Party holds a large rally at its grounds in Nuremberg in an attempt to increase the Morale of the German people. Gathered at the rally are most of the high command of the German government. During a speech by Hitler a large explosion occurs underneath the stage. Hitler and Most of the High Command seated behind him are killed in the explosion . The blast itself was believed to have been done by Communists though it was revealed after the war that it was conducted by British intelligence operatives. February- With the High Command having been devastated by the explosion on February 1st, 1941 Admiral Erich Raeder becomes Führer. May- Italy launches an invasion of Albania succeeding in doing so. While Raeder launches one last offensive in an attempt to take back the Rhine River. The offensive succeeds in retaking Dusseldorf but the city is retaken by France a week later. France launches an offensive which succeeds in taking Frankfurt. June- Italian forces easily overwhelm Portugal in the Azores and set up a naval base on the islands. July- The so called Sudeten line falls and Britain takes Dresden and Leipzig. Raeder and his government flee Berlin to a complex in the Harz Mountains. August- In a coup opponents of the Nazi regime overthrow and arrest Raeder and instill Doctor Goerdeler under the reinstalled title of Chancellor. He instructs Generals to negotiate an armistice with France and Britain. On August 29th, 1941 in Hamburg harbor on the Deck of HMS Trafalgar General Rommel on behalf of the government of Germany signs an armistice/surrender to France and Britain. September- Italy, Spain and Japan after months of secret negotiations agree to an axis alliance. Meanwhile Italy launches an invasion of the Suez Canal and Egypt which succeeds. While Spain annexes Portugal and Andorra. December- In a joint planned attack on the United States on December 7, 1941. Italy from its base in the Azores uses the submarine Leonardo da Vinci armed with a mini sub and Italian naval commandos attacks New York Harbor sinking 15 commercial and military ships and unleashing havoc on New York. The commando operation succeeds in seizing only several piers in New York the seize is broken on the 8th but the damage is done. Meanwhile in the Pacific, the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii devastates the Pacific Fleet. On December 9th President Roosevelt addresses congress asking for a deceleration of war against the axis. on December 10th Congress votes unanimously to declare war.

1942 January- Lend Lease has been a success it has allowed China to retake Manchuria and push the Japanese back into Korea. Meanwhile In Europe France has retaken Andorra and mobilized to land in Basque Spain. Italy has invaded Yugoslavia, Greece, and is now preparing to invade Turkey. February- In the Soviet Union a power struggle has weakened Stalin. Japan Through Korea launches an invasion of Kamchatka and the Aleutian islands. April- France launches an invasion of Spain forcing Franco to retreat to the Canary Islands. Churchill sends Task Force A to face off with the Italian Navy in the Mediterranean. June- Japan and the US battle at Midway the US defeats Japan dealing them a heavy blow. Australia with assistance from US forces retakes Papua New Guinea. Churchill and France decide to assist the US in the Philippines where HMS Vulcan the sister ship of Trafalgar sinks the Yamato during the battle of Manila. September- Elections are held in Germany where Konrad Adenauer is elected Chancellor. Britain and Australia invade and push the Japanese out of Indonesia and Singapore. December- Off the coast of Turkey the Italian Navy led by the Super Littorio class battleship Venice face off against Task Force A and Trafalgar. Trafalgar takes out the Venice but are unable to prevent an invasion of Turkey. Italian forces move in and capture Istanbul. The Italians push towards Ankara but are stopped at a defensive line of British forces 50 miles west of the city.

1943 January- The United States and Canada with Forces led by Generals Bradley, and Simmons take back the Aleutian Islands and assist the Soviets in Taking back Kamchatka. March- Britain and France in conjunction with free Ethiopian forces retake Ethiopia and make their way into Italian held Sudan. April- Chiang Kai-Shek and China have pushed Japan back to the 48th parallel in Korea. May- The Soviets with Stalin having been replaced by General Zukhov agree to enter the war on the Allied side in Europe. June- Italy attempts to invade Switzerland the invasion fails after the army fails to make it through the Alps. Planning for a second Gallipoli campaign begins July- The United States takes the Mariana and Solomon Islands from Japan. In the Atlantic they get revenge on Italy by invading and destroying the Italian Naval forces in the Azores that had been wreaking havoc on US shipping in the Atlantic. September- Operation Torch is launched from Sudan the British and French land forces invade Egypt. While the US navy seizes the Suez Canal. Attempts by British and French forces to invade Italian Libya stop at the Tripoli line where the Italians have dug in. December- British, French and Australian forces take back Malaysia from Japan.

1944 February- Raeder goes on trial in Germany and is sentenced to death. Allied forces launch D-Day or the planned invasion of Japan from Northern Korea across the Sea of Japan into Hokkaido. The line is established after capturing Sapporo from Japan. March- French forces invade Northern Italy. The second Gallipoli Campaign begins. April- The Gallipoli campaign succeeds, British and Turkish forces push the Italians back to Istanbul. Meanwhile The line falls in Libya and the forces of Italy retreat across the Mediterranean. May- The Battle of Istanbul succeeds on May 28th the Allies retake the city. Under fear of capture Mussolini flees Rome for an unknown location. June- After the Capture of Milan and the Invasion of Sicily by British and American forces Italy surrenders to Admiral Mountbatten in Milan on June 15th 1944. VE day is celebrated throughout the world. July- Roosevelt, Churchill, Chiang Kai-Shek, Zukhov, Selassie, and newly elected President de Gaulle meet in Yalta to split up the post war world. The United States administers many of the islands in the Pacific, the UK regains many of its colonies including the new colony of Indonesia and keeps Libya, China administers the Korean peninsula, Ethiopia gets Sudan and Parts of southern Egypt while they are handed administration of the Sinai Peninsula including the Suez Canal though administration of the Canal is run mostly by the UK, While the Soviets get back Kamchatka and keep Yugoslavia Communist, France gets former German territory west of the Rhine. August- Austria becomes independent. November- Calls for surrender go unanswered by Japan and the United States Air Force from a base in Hokkaido drops an atomic weapon on Hiroshima and three days later Nagasaki. On November 22nd, 1944 Japan surrenders on board the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

1945 January- After 7 months Mussolini is nowhere to be seen rumors are that he has fled to Argentina. February- The last Italian administered region of Africa the Congo falls to Ethiopian forces. Subsequently rogue Italian General Grazziani is killed in the fighting an investigation by the Ethiopians finds out that they barely missed arresting Mussolini who had left the Congo two days before. In the Canary Islands Franco is arrested by authorities and taken back to Spain for trial. June- Mussolini is reportedly sighted in Argentina in the city of Bariloche. July- Ethiopian intelligence officials investigation discovers that Mussolini is in Argentina preparing to re-establish himself and his military in Argentina. August- While meeting with an arms dealer at the Opera House in Buenos Aires Mussolini and his guards get in a firefight with Ethiopian and American agents who have come to arrest him. The firefight kills Mussolini's guards and Mussolini himself is rushed out of the Opera House by the agents before the authorities arrive. Mussolini is taken to the United States and put in prison in preparation to be extradited back to Italy where he will stand trial. December- Mussolini is tried in Rome and sentenced to death.

1946 January- Franco's trial ends he is sentenced to life in prison for crimes committed during the Spanish Civil War. Franco dies in prison in 1975. February- Mussolini is executed by firing squad in a prison outside Rome.

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