Starts out ... The Treaties are being Signed in 1918. Russia pulled out early in 1914 due to more and more Communist Rebellions. The Germans lost one Enemy The Austrians and the Germans meet poor to 1918 in 1917 to discuss a Reich unification. To have the North German Peoples and South German Peoples unite to complete Bismarck's Dream. Germany is Far stronger all of the Nations in Austria-Hungary are freed The Reich invades Northern Italy and Switzerland Than Northern France. The French Decide they can not handle any more German attacks and the English are too isolated to send more troops and are focusing in Africa and the Middle East against the Ottomans. The French Surrender in 1918 the treaties for peace are signed in Vienna 1918 in the Hapsburg palace and the treaty is known as the Treaty of Vienna. In The Ottoman Caliphate they keep the Lands of Islam united as one and growing border tensions with Persia are rising as well as several nationalist movements. The Bolsheviks in Russia are growing and growing each day. The German Reich is planning on sending in minor support to the Tsars in Russia but fear that this may influence Communists in Germany to rise in response. In France the nation has gone bankrupt from rebuilding and setting up social programs for the people. Villages are starting to fight one another and the nation sinks to Anarchy since the Lusitania was never attacked the US never got involved and Congress signed a new reform making Windrow Wilson president for life and Neo-Liberalism is becoming Popular as well as "The American Bolshevik Vanguards". As Russian Forces are Losing daily to Soviet Forces the battle of Grozny the Soviet stronghold is the deciding battle were Russian forces lose and retreat back to Moscow as the Soviets Surround Moscow. The City Falls and the USSR is founded. The new Soviet Government Est. 1920 Is threatening to set up Communist Rebellions in Germany or even a possible invasion. Italians look up to Mussolini who promises to Restore a Greater Italy by Invading Germany and France. When Soviets here of this they knew that the new Concept of Fascism is a threat and may cause there own downfall so the Soviets begin closing off all outside sources from food to books and radio. The Soviets also begin to claim Italy as a de facto nation. The Germans also fear Fascism and see it as a threat to the Kaiser. So Germany plans to invade Italy. Now in 1921 seeing Italy and Germany as a threat the Soviets are trying to Come up with plans to invade Germany and Create a German People's Soviet. In the US all industry is taken over by WPA. The Ottomans are facing Several Revolts and is on the verge of war with Persia who has the USSR's Support only so they may Invade Turkey. As the Germans to see Italians trying to have Mussolini rise to power they Declare war on Italy for stability as there cause of war. The Soviets saw this as a perfect time to Declare war on Germany and Soviet War has begun the Soviets Rapidly move through Poland to go to Berlin. The Germans are moving forces as well through the City of Tyrol to Venice and Other German Territories in Northern Italy. The English have sent a official statement to the German Reich stating that any other attacks as fear for national security will face attacks from England. The Soviets have shelled Berlin for weeks now it's late December 1921. The Germans are winging in Italy but losing in the home land. The Soviets have several soldiers running straight into open fire. Lenin has released a statement saying "The German Tyrant shall be hung or sent to Siberia by the official order of the Red Star." The US has changed the National Flag to have the stars shaped like a sickle and hammer and Woodrow Wilson is in poor health for unknown reasons and may die any day so his vice president takes over. Now 1922 Legislation in Texas is stating that America is failing and they will have no part with this so had a vote to succeed and it passed. The Republic of Texas was founded. The 2nd Mexican Revolution for Fascism is growing since the doctrine of Fascism was introduced Mexican Nationalists Promise the Mexican People Central American Dominance. In Italy Mussolini flees to Mexico to spread his teachings and the Italian Military surrenders the Germans Annex Italy. The Battle of Berlin has seen casualties in the millions the Soviets have called in the Kuban Cossacks to help and Berlin falls the Monarchs flee to Munich. The Soviets also have help from Communist Partisans in Germany. The Ottomans are failing to keep stability and the kingdom of Syria succeeded and now the Ottomans wanting to keep Syria have a war. The Soviets are moving through Germany swiftly and have Munich the Kaiser is sent to Siberia he is sentenced to execution in 1924. The Mexicans are having Riots in Juarez to have New Mexico and Arizona and The City of El Paso and Mussolini is there to Inspire the vanguards of Mexico. The Mexican President fears he may lose power and has him murdered. it's fall 1922 The USA is also trying to change its name to The Union of Socialists States of America or USSA. The Red Star is also being printed on US military helmets now. New York city on new years 1922/1923 the Celebrations and Crowds are gone almost empty public gatherings have been banned. Many Pro-Democracy supporters are furious. In Germany a new government is being established and Now Lenin's work is done. Now in 2013 The USSR is the superior power in the world Germany is a European Model the US is facing anarchy revolution and civil war Mexico is now a Presidential Dictatorship China is in several factions all of England's colonies still exist and Ottomans have fallen and is now Persia.

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